Friday, 5 February 2016

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Happy Birthday to My Fiance "Miriam"

By: Unknown On: 15:06
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  • Seems like I’ve known her all my life. The joy she brings not only fills my heart and mouth with laughter but my entire relatives. You are filled with good character. You are a rare gem, a paragon of beauty. I am popularly called Arizona by my pals…but when you call me, it fills my heart with joy. A sweet melodic sound that keeps resounding in my ears. Maybe you are a February born, maybe because February is the month of love. My love, I have decided to wish you Happy Birthday in the most special way. I’ll reach out to the world and tell them how much you mean to me.


    So the following is by far the most popular thing I’ve written if the number of times it’s been copied is anything to go by.

    I'd like to scuttle your puttle
    Spiddle your paddle
    Tickle your wickle
    And twittle your taddle
    Stroodle your doodle
    Cromple your string
    Brundle your strundle
    And frondle your ding

    See, I told you I’m completely nuts about you!

    I can go on and on declaring how much feelings I have for you…

    You’re Face: Always Stays In My Eyes

    Your Smile: Takes Away All My Stress

    Your Voice: Delights Me and Cheers Me Up

    Your Feelings: Keep Me Connected To You

    Your Charm: Attracts Me Like Nothing Else

    Your Honesty: Makes Me Feel Secure

    Your Mind: Reads Me the Best

    Your Magic: Surprises Me All the Time

    Your Fantasy: Gets Me Naughty

    Your Personality: Keeps Me Hooked

    Your Presence: Lifts Me Up

    Your Moods: Excite Me Like A Child

    Your Touch: Makes Me Come Alive

    Your Compliments: Gives Me a High

    Your Attention: I Want More & More

    Your Silence: Gets Me Thinking

    Your Happiness: Brightens My Face

    Your Spark: Lights the Fire In Me

    Your Energy: Keeps Me Going Your Happiness: Brightens My Face

    I Love You My Sweetheart!! Happy Birthday Asam, Okwubuakudiya. May God grant you more prosperous years and good health.


    Courtesy: Fiance

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    Happy Birthday to My Fiance "Miriam"


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