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How greedy corpers escaped being used as rituals in Rivers state

By: Unknown On: 13:21
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  • “From Oproama to Degema, from Degema to Krakrama, from Krakrama to Angulama, from Angulama to Abalama, Abalama to Buguma, still Rivers state refuses to pay NYSC state Allowee.”

    The above is the slogan we corpers in Rivers state use in consolidating ourselves. Many corpers expected goldmine when posted to the oil filled rich state. But were so disappointed that the N10,000 monthly state allowance paid to corp members serving in Rivers state had been stopped for over 2 years. And things in Rivers state are so expensive that corpers have resulted in looking for alternative ways to make more money as back up. But getting that reasonable job for corpers is somewhat difficult with any stringent terms attached to it. Even me sef, I wasn’t left out. My eyes were wide open, seeking for good tutorial work that is convenient for me to earn more money.

    I was posted to Asari Toru local Government Area. An island of its own, surrounded by water with few job opportunities. I just braced myself to love the place. Though I envied my friends posted to Portharcourt main towns and most especially Onelga LGA were my very good friend Barry is. Barry had been giving me convincing gists about Onelga LGA where he’s serving. He said they have too many Oil wells in the community. At the back of their corpers lodge was an oil well. Infact barry even said they gave N10,000 each to corpers in Omoku community when 2016 Batch A first came. Na so my adrenalin rise when he tell me that. I was jealous and wished I was posted there. I wished for relocation so I will move to Onelga. All those things propelled me. My eyes come dey shook. Any were wey i see opportunity to make more money, I just want to dive in. Na there spirit of lack of contentment come inside me oo. Greediness, even when I saw that corpers had been relocated out of that community due to the fighting’s and restiveness. Me sef they envy.

    On the 10th of January 2016, my friend Barry called me that one of the popular politicians in their area would be visiting on the 15th. And they will be sharing money. He said the last time some politicians visited in Egi and Ogba community, each corper collected N10,000. “chaiii see money,” I thought to myself. But this time, it will be happening in Omoku. I just imagined it, “If a corper can collect just N10,000 then, what about now when election is around the corner in Rivers state. Na like N20,000 to N30,000 them go give.” When I told some of my friends in my lodge in Buguma, everyone was interested in following me to Omoku. “Na how many people I wan com carry?” I thought to myself.

    On the 15th of January, early in the morning, I took only Patricia with me as we sneaked out of the lodge. At first was skeptical about taking a female with me, but due to her pleas I had to take her along. We were only having the NYSC cap on us. Barry had already told me that he would be waiting for us in Omoku. From Buguma we boarded a car going to Choba. We were not familiar with the routes. From there we come enter road to Ogba. When we got to Ogba, we saw a Keke man that said he was going to Omoku. We asked him how much and he said since we are corpers he won’t charge us, it’s free. Na so we enter come thank the man oooo.

    As the Keke was moving, I noticed that it was moving too slow, and the driver was making a call. From the conversation, he was telling the caller that he was on his way to deliver something a package to Omoku and he would be conveying money that they will be going to be giving to the community his boss(the politician coming) will be sharing. “As I overheard that from the keke driver, na so my body begin pop up like pop -corn.” “Obviously my going to Omoku won’t be in vein. I must come back with something,” I thought to myself. After the keke man had finished making call, Patricia was just gentle and wasn’t saying anything. I began asking the Keke man about Omoku and the politician. He began telling us that he was on his way to put some arrangements in place. “Shebi una be corpers,” he asked. We told him “yes” that we are corpers. “No worry, una go chop money tire. They will give una N50,000 for one corper,” he said again. “Is this man really serious or he’s joking,” I thought to myself. But he was still talking and saying that he will even help us to be part of the corpers to participate in the Rivers state election Re-run. And we will make plenty money. I was so happy as I heard all those things. I and Patricia were so engrossed in what the Keke man was saying that we lost concentration on where we were going. Not until the keke stopped in the middle of nowhere. Na so the driver begin complain say the engine has stopped working. And the road was just a lonely road. I was just surprised that no car was going or coming. The keke man began working on the engine. Na so we come down oo. He began talking about dollars he kept at the back of the passenger’s seat. Immediately I heard “Dollars,” my mind just went to “Scam, 419.” Before I knew what was happening, the keke driver went to the back of the seat and brought out a ghana-must-go bag full of Dollar notes. Immediately I saw it, na so my eye big. “Yay,” Patricia shouted. I became confused. My greediness increased that I forgot that I was formally thinking what was going o was a scam. It just looked as if I had been hypnotized. The keke man started complaining that he doesn’t know how to get the money across to them in Omoku. I encouraged him that I will help him so he repair the keke so we could move fast to Omoku to drop the money. The keke driver said he had an idea. That we should take the money to the bush and share it. But he said before we can share the money we have to remove a charm that had been used to protect it, because the money had already been dedicated to idol and we can’t just use it until a pastor prays on it. I told the keke man that he doesn’t need any pastor to pray into it. That I can just do the prayers and every evil thing will go out. Na so the keke man talk say he doesn’t trust us. And that our prayers were not powerful. I thought I was the only one that was greedy, Patricia too greedy. She was even telling the Keke man if we can find a man of God around that will pray into the money. Before we knew what was happening a car drove to where we were packed. The car stopped and two men in suit came out of the car. One was carrying a Bible in his hand. As they were coming towards our direction, the keke driver immediately locked the Ghana must go bag so they will not know the content. The two men started asking what was happening. As the keke man was trying to carry the money back into the keke, one of the men asked him what the content of the bag was. The keke man told him it was clothes.

    “Let me see them,” the man said. The keke driver refused. They began arguing and the man said he will call the police and tell them that we are arm robbers. Later on the keke driver showed them the contents. Na so them open mouth come shout. “Where did you people get this money?” one of the men asked. He brought out his phone that he was going to call the police. Na so the keke driver begin beg oo. I and Patricia began begging that we were just corpers oo.

    The keke driver began telling them that he needed pastor that will pray for the money so the charm in it will disappear. That we all will share the money equally if the charm is nullified. The men said they were pastors that they can do it. Na so the keke man say make them pray into the money. The men said they will not do it there.

    They said they will take the money to their church which is not far from the place. At that time, I didn’t know what came over me. I became scared and tired of the journey and adventure. I told the men and the keke driver that I and patricia are no longer interested, that we are going back. Patricia sef refused, she said she would follow the men. The men refused. They said I must follow them since I was part of the keke driver. I was so afraid. I finally followed them. The keke man left his keke. Patricia was not afraid at all.

    The way she spoke and interacted with the men seems as if they had known themselves for a long time. I began feeling uneasy. It was all dawned on me that it was 419. Patricia was seating close to me at the back seat of the car. I was trying to whisper and call her attention about the scam but she was far from her normal sef. I guessed the charm was working heavily on her.

    The more I try to whisper into her ears, she would shout at me. We were taking to one bush part that only GOD knows were. They took us to a house inside a bush. I told them I was no longer interested, but they still refused. As we came out of the car, I dragged Patricia so we leave. She was proving so stubborn.

    Immediately I remembered something. I had once heard something that when one of my cousin was hypnotized by a 419ner, it was his friend that gave him a dirty slap. The slapped made him regain himself from the charm they used on him before he could sell all his properties. Immediately I remembered that, I felt it will work. I loaded Patricia a hot slap on his right cheek. But nothing happened. Infact, the men began quarrelling for me why I slapped her. Patricia slapped me back sef. It was glaring that the slap didn’t work. I tried to see if I can just grab her so I could take her out of that place. She no come gree. She was shouting and hitting me. I began suspecting all of them were working together. The two pastors asked me to leave her or else they will kill me. Na so I come run commot for that place.

    They began chasing me. I ran so fast. I thought I would see traces of human being but I didn’t. I was getting tired and weak. As I turned back, it seemed they were no longer chasing me. I got to a place and saw a guy wearing an NYSC uniform and another wearing a police uniform walking towards me. I was just running towards them. I was so happy that I and Patricia will be safe since it was a police. When they saw me running towards their direction, they moved faster to where I was. The police man began asking me what was going. I told him. The corper asked me to calm down. Felt safe that I was in the hand of a security and a corper. The police man brought out his phone and began making calls. I laid on the ground because I was tired. After the call, the police man told me to stand up. He said I shouldn’t worry that his team was coming and they will rescue Patricia. Before I knew what was happening, a Jeep rode to the place. And it was the keke driver, the pastors and an old man that was inside the car. Patricia was not with them. Before I knew what was happening, the police man gave me a dirty slap on my left cheek and asked me to jump into the jeep. I began begging him.

    The corper, the policeman and keke driver dragged me into the jeep. It was now dawned on me that all of them were working together. Another car rode into the place carrying patricia and some other men and a woman inside it. Patricia was crying. Na so them carry us commot for that place. I was pleading for them to let me go. One of the men inside the my car slapped me and that I shut up. The police man hit me on my waist. They took us to another thick bushy place. I was just praying in my mind. I thought it was the end as I prayed for God to forgive my sins and accept my soul in his bosom. Inside the bush they took us to, there was a hut there were we met about 6 people Unclad and tied to a tree. One of the people tied to the tree, blood was gushing out his eyes. They asked us to remove our clothes. Patricia was crying. On my mind, I was regretting embarking on the journey.

    The worst part of it was that our phones, bags and wallets had been collected from us. So no communication to the outside world. The police man brought out two guns and said that if we don’t remove our clothes, he will kill us. Immediately one of them received a call, after the call, he told others that they should take us out of the place that he had been asked to bring us somewhere. I was already removing my clothes when he told me to wear them back. They pushed us back into the car and drove off. I began feeling feverish. I come begin vomit. Na so the police begin slap me as he opened the car and brought me out. I was just throwing up. I felt weak.

    Others came out of the car because it seemed it was taking time. Suddenly we heard, “What is that? What’s going on there?” As the policeman wanted to rush back to his car to get his gun. An army man came out of the bush with a gun and asked that no one should move or he will deal with us. It seemed the Army man went to poo because his trouser was not properly zipped and was below waist. One of the men said that I was ill and they were taking us somewhere. Patricia began shouting and said it was a lie that they were kidnappers.

    I struggled to say it was true. The men began saying it was a lie. Immediately the Army man said all of us should raise our hands up. He blew a whistle. Before we knew what was happening, about 5 Army guys arrived. They requested for our ID cards. I told them that the 419ners collected it from us. My ID card was inside my wallet that they collected. They told the three of us wearing NYSC uniform to move to come closer. The soldiers asked that our ID card be given to us. Na so them give us our phones and ID cards. But the other guy wearing corpers uniform was not able to provide a valid ID card. It was dawned on them that it was all planned and the guy was a fake corper including the Police man.

    They began begging that they would settle the soldiers so they could let them go. Na so the soldiers used their guns to begin to hit. They beat the fake corper and police men so hard. I and Patricia was taking out of the place. I came to realize that we were taken to Ahoada East local Government In that Rivers state. The kidnappers, 419ners were arrested. Another Army car came and took us back to Buguma. That was how we escaped from being used for rituals.


    How greedy corpers escaped being used as rituals in Rivers state


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