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How To Add a Contact Form on a Blogger Blog

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  • Having a contact page on your blog is highly important. It is how visitors, brands, and companies can reach you and it’s something that every blogger should have. If sharing your email address on your blog is not your cup of tea, a contact form can serve as an easy way for others to get in touch.

    Adding a Contact Form to Blogger

    Step 1 – First, go to the Layout page in Blogger and click an Add a Gadget link. From the popup, choose More Gadgets in the sidebar and then select Contact Form and add it. It doesn’t matter where it ends up in your sidebar right now, since we are going to modify that and make it look nice!


    2. Now, visit your Customize > Edit HTML page.

    Click inside of the editor textarea and press CTRL+F (CMD+F on a Mac) and in the search bar type ContactForm then hit enter.

    It should find the code below. Click the black down arrow to the left of:

    then click the down arrow again beside:

    if they are not already open.

    3. You will see this code:

    Delete everything shown in red so you should just be left with:

    4. Do a new search, this time looking for ]]></b:skin> and pasting this code directly before it:

    5. Save the template then go to Pages to create a new Contact page if you haven’t got one already. In the page editor, switch to HTML mode and paste the following:

    6. Save your page and view your new contact form! It should look like this:

    Since this uses the Blogger Gadget interface, the emails sent using this form will be sent to the email associated with your account. You can change this email address in the Admin settings of your blog.

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    How To Add a Contact Form on a Blogger Blog

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    How To Add a Contact Form on a Blogger Blog


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