Monday, 28 March 2016

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See what happened to this man on easter sunday

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  • Little fault leads to huge damage. It started as a mere fuel leakage, then the engine wouldn’t start. Upton repeated kicks, smoke and fumes started coming out from the dashboard. It was then it occurred to Mr. Emeka who is just coming back from a ceremony with his lovely wife. He quickly opened the door to secure their lives then find a solution to the occurrence. The smoke escalated to an extent he realized it was beyond him thus, he wouldn’t be able to quench the fire. He had his fire extinguisher and had repeatedly poured it directly to the source of the fire. He was devastated and completely taken aback. He didn’t know what else to do. He raised alarm that people nearby to come out and help. I did too. Mr. Emeka happens to be my neighbor as he lives opposite my building.

    We thank God as we managed to curtail the fire before it could be disastrous. Mr. Emeka being back from a ceremony where there were so many vehicles, also his attempt to move his car into his compound which has about 15 vehicles packed along side each other failed. Cars packed along the street roads were at risk too. But eventually, God took charge. No lives were lost in the process.

    Below are other pictures and a video clip I managed to obtain:

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    See what happened to this man on easter sunday


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