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Truth About The Planned Demolition Of Gbagyi-Villa, In Kaduna Pics

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  • This is a brief history on the planned demolition of the sprawling settlement called Gbagyi Villa in the southern part of Kaduna city.

    The area called Gbagyi Villa was formally thought to be part of the permanent site for Kaduna polytechnic. Some say that due to Kaduna politics and it being located in Kaduna South, just a few departments and the housing quarters were built there while the main campus remained in the Northern part with no plan of moving them.

    The average Gwari man seeing such large amount of land lying fallow in a developed area knowing fully well that the polytechnic would never move there took it up. They got lawyers, went to court and argued that it wasn’t the whole land that was given to the polytechnic and that about half still belongs to them. This story seems true because the boundaries they claimed were demarcated by ‘boundary trees’ which are still there.

    They won the court case, and the polytechnic subsequently fenced off their portion. The land was well surveyed and planned out in plots of 100 by 50ft and as usual, such a new layout bordering the most populous area in Kaduna South (Sabon-tasha) was hot cake. At first, people were scared and it was cheap but it rapidly appreciated in value and was bought up.

    Now this place is a large area and not just some houses. In fact, it’s a community on its own. Worse still, most of the houses there are exquisite personal houses with few under rent. Demolition would throw alot of families (many of which are retirees) into the streets.

    Currently there should be at least 1500 – 2500 well built houses there and alot more under construction.

    The question is all these houses payed heavily to the state planning agency (KASUPDA) and submitted plans before building. Why is it now that the Government is waking up to put a demolition notice?

    This isn’t just like demolishing houses, it’s like demolishing a whole community and not just any community. It’s a community which very soon would be the most beautiful in Kaduna South apart from Barnawa and Narayi high cost

    I heard the Sarki and the community are taking the issue to court again. Apart from that, I think they should use the media. We’ve seen how powerful the media can be. Get pictures and post here, on Facebook and Twitter. Get journalists to cover the story. The Governor can’t go ahead with this!

    Disclaimer: let me make it clear that quite a number of times, I support the demolition of structures especially when they constitute a nuisance. That of Gbagyi Villa however is different. It’s not just houses. It’s a whole settlement with thousands of buildings- a lot being people’s life’s sweat. Moreover, it doesn’t constitute any nuisance and not sitting on any critical infrastructure. It’s a well planned area. As a matter of fact, if every area in Kaduna was as well planned as it, Kd would be much more better than it is today. So why demolish a whole town??

    Below are satellite images of the area from Google maps

    The first shows the polytechnic (highlighted in blue) and the area (in red). The second and third are closer views of the area to appreciate the housing denity. It’s bounded below by a river (the greenish line)

    Credit: Nairaland

    Truth About The Planned Demolition Of Gbagyi-Villa, In Kaduna Pics

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    Truth About The Planned Demolition Of Gbagyi-Villa, In Kaduna Pics


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