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10 Most Expensive Cities In Africa 2015

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  • Greetings … my fellow readers! I’m hopeful that y’all day is going pretty well? I’m hopeful it is… You know we want nothing more than utmost happiness for all of our readers … you guys bring the best in us and we really do appreciate y’all.

    Like we always do and always will do, we’re bringing you yet another exciting “Top List” and this time it’s the list of the most expensive cities in Africa *round of applause*.

    In the world today, the cost and standard of living is increasing at a fast pace on daily basis. Ranging from the food we eat, houses we live in, transportation, and what have you.

    Not every citizen of a country is able to survive it’s standard of living which is why so many people migrate to other “Greener pastures”.

    So as to not take too much of your time, after comparing the prices of goods and services, housing, public transportation and a host of many others, Africa Ranking was able to generate a list of

    10. ABUJA

    This city which happens to be the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has an estimated population of over 900k people comes number 10 on our list.

    The city which was founded in the 80s was once commended by the great Nelson Mandela when he said “Why bother to visit Europe, you’ll find it all here”


    9. Conakry

    A port city on the Atlantic Ocean which serves as the economic and financial and cultural center of Guinea, Conakry, the capital and also the largest city of Guinea Republic is number 9 on our list.

    8. BAMAKO

    With a population of over 2 million people, a wild number of foreign firms and aid agencies have their bases in this city.

    Bamako, the capital of Mali, has its people compete with each other for scarce Western- Standard accommodation which has led to the expensiveness of the city.

    In spite of it’s standard of living, the city still has lots of areas that lack basic/social amenities.


    Its been said that only the fittest can actually survive in this city. With its high prices of goods and services, the capital of the republic of Congo, Brazzaville makes number 7 on our list.

    This city is so expensive that the price of a Coca-Cola can coke is four times as much as it costs in Dubai.

    6. LAGOS

    The economic capital of West Africa with the population of twenty million people, this list wouldn’t have been complete if the Lagos metropolis wasn’t added to it.

    The state’s slogan “Centre of Excellence” fits it perfectly as it could be referred to as the New York of West Africa.

    A lot of dreams are achieved in Lagos. The city is also ranked among the 50 most expensive cities of the world for expatriates.



    The capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa occupies an estimated population of over four million people.

    It’s said that security is paramount for foreigners and tourists in this city. Although, it is an expensive city than Montreal, there are not many options in this city.


    Another West African country on out list, Libreville is the capital of Gabon with a population of over 500k people.

    The city which is said to have a lot of night clubs is blessed with rich natural resources which has benefited immensely from foreign aid.


    This beautiful city, was where second-in-line to British throne, Prince Williams and his wife, Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon.

    They had it at a beach house villa which reportedly costs $5,000 for one night. The city is the capital of Seychelles.

    2. N’DJAMENA

    As 2nd on the list, you expect that the city should be quite exotic and flamboyant than the ones earlier mentioned. Sadly, it isn’t.

    The city, which is the capital of Chad, does not have proper facilities, there are no railways or sea ports here, their roads are not well maintained but still, they are second on our list.

    1. LUANDA

    We rounding up this list with the capital of Angola, Luanda. This city my dear readers, is the most expensive city in the whole of Africa, it is even one of the top 10 most expensive in the world.

    They say rental costs of 10,000 pounds and 35,000 pounds is not unusual in this city.

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    10 Most Expensive Cities In Africa 2015


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