Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Alibaba writes on cutting off anything or anyone that affects your sanity

By: Unknown On: 03:54
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  • Comedian Alibaba shared this post on his Instagram wall, advising people to learn to cut off anyone or anything that affects their sanity. He shared the photo above and wrote
    "And this my dear friends is what Jesus meant when he said "if your eye (anything) will make you sin...pluck (delete) it put". And as a very obedient child, you know what to do. Don't mind those who say learn to tolerate.
    If you are somewhere and the air is so foul, do you tolerate? If you are in a place and you are not sure of your safety, will you not extrapolate yourself from there? So why is it hard for you to understand that people who don't add value and are bent on erasing the little you have should be distanced? And by distanced, I don't mean ignored. I meant cut off totally. Or did Jesus say close your eyes? Na he said pluck it out! It means go to the extreme to protect your sanity. Unhealthy company can make you sick and drive you to seek the things that will eventually kill you. So starting with my online platforms, if I catch a whiff of anything that can use its reggae to spoil my blues... I am yanking the communication channel. No time to look time. I am not here on a popularity drive. I am here because I have got friends who would like to contact me and vice Versace. That is a vice versa that is by design not by accident. Yes. That's vice Versace. Anyway, Like I say, I am online to share, interact, learn and be better informed. If you don't flow on this frequency, Bye bye you are the weakest link... And you leave with nothing. Oh! By the way, I know some will say what I am about smacks of arrogance... Can you put that down so I can pluck you out too. Seriously, the constitution guarantees each of us freedom of association. Its not by force to relate with everyone. It's not even by force to even Go to church. And that's "a godly thingz" o. Talk less of people who want to drag you to their level of existence that is enveloped in all shades of valueless grand standing of social media tolerance. Abeg, control_shift before I tint you! As we say in warri. Let me thank all who have enriched me by sharing on my online platforms. You have helped to grow my mind. Gracia or something like that

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