Friday, 22 April 2016

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Farmer reveals how 40 of her newborn lambs were slaughtered by local dogs

By: Unknown On: 08:25
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  • Oxfordshire farmer, Isobel Bowden was left devastated after discovering that 40 of her new born lambs were savagely beaten and killed in one night by dogs that had been left outside by their owners. In a facebook post, the heartbroken farmer warned dog owners of the damage their pets can do when they are let loose and not controlled. She then posted graphic photos of the 40 dead lambs, and some injured ones, appealing to owners to make sure their dogs are kept indoors overnight so as to prevent another incident from happening. Read the post after the cut.

    After a manic and problematic few weeks lambing and feeling completely exhausted we have just lost 40 lambs in one field to a dog attack last night . . . Fair to say that's finished me off this week ! Keep dogs shut in at night and on a lead around livestock!! Absolutely devestated !!
    'I have debated with myself whether to post this but I think it's necessary to make people realise the damage dogs out of control can do,' she wrote. 'These dogs were left outside a property loose at night and this is some of the heartbreaking images of the damage they have left behind. 'It is not the dogs' fault - they are animals with instinct and it is your responsibility as owners to keep them away from livestock for their sakes as well as the poor defenceless animals that will be their prey.'
    'Keep dogs shut in at night and on a lead around livestock!!, 'For the lambs that we have worked endlessly to deliver and care to be wiped out in one field overnight is truly heartbreaking, as it would be for any farmer.' 
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