Saturday, 16 April 2016

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Fitness Entrepreneur, Devin Physique shows off his collection of sneakers

By: Unknown On: 14:52
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  • The personal trainer shared a photo of his pairs of sneakers to inspire fans following him on Instagram. Celebrating his growth over time, He wrote,
    'So Someone asked me the other day how many pairs of shoes I had. I actually didn't even know the answer to that, so I made sure while making the video I counted how many I did have. Well the results are in, I currently own 160 pairs.
     I remember when I couldn't afford more than one pair of shoes at a time, and now that I can, I treat myself. Working hard is something that I love to do, and with that you should always reward yourself. I don't waste my money on going out to party, or clubs, or bars. I never drink and I save pretty much every $$ I earn, other than the occasional shoe purchase each week. If you're going to spend money, spend it on things that last a while, that make you happy. Plus I know several of you ladies out there have a shoe collection way bigger than mine, so I'm trying to catch up.
    Another photo of Devin

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