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Highlights of fame and luv™1, season 2, with pictures!

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  • Season 2 of F & L™1 interestingly depicts the transformation of the lives of the Characters.It revolves around their family, relationship and extracurricular affairs.

    This season features Shewa, Aminu, Chichi, Lumi, Ify, Chike, Lizzy and Sade

    Shewa and Chi-chi got back together and became very good friends after their long fight in the previous season but that was only until Chichi got bundled away...

    On one occasion, Shewa goes for a Photoshoot, as a result of her modelling career, and meets Lizzy who, unknown to her, had an affair with Aminu; Shewa’s boyfriend.


    Ify,Chi-chi's elder sister, returned from the States after graduating from College. She had previously had an incestual relationship with Chike, her cousin. Chikewas forced to return to Nigeria, after being imprisoned in the States for criminal activities, while in College.Ify learns that Chike is back and tries to get back into a relationship with him.

    Chike refuses to get back with Ify and she decides to set Chi-Chi up, feeling she is the reason behind Chike refusing to get back with her. Ify succeeds in getting rid of Chi-chi, though it doesn’t help in changingChike's perception about their relationship, so she then plansto get rid of Chike too.


    Ify asked Chi-chi to take a picture with Lumi and while that was done, she posted it online,causing their Father to see it. As a result Mr Chukwuka, their Father, decided to take Chi-chi away from her life style in Nigeria to London, where he would be able control her movement, since he seems convinced that she is living a life of immorality here in Nigeria.

    Meanwhile Aminu had been with Lizzy intimately while he is still in a relationship with Shewa and Shewa didn't take the case lightly when she found out.


    A party came up again in school and Shewa decides to attend the party with Lumi, since she broke up her relationship with Aminu for cheating on her with Lizzy. While they are there, Aminu shows up and surprises Shewa with a proposal.

    Lumifound himself alone at the Party because it was obvious there was no connection between him and Shewa, except respect and friendship. He then bumps into Sade; a girl who came in from South Africa, for a little Nigerian adventure. He ends up gettingtogether with Sade at the party. They connected and found an instant attraction to each other.

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