Thursday, 14 April 2016

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How My HMO Helped Save My Life

By: Unknown On: 09:46
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  • Amarachi shares her story below....
    Just when I thought all hope was lost, AXA Mansard Health came to my rescue. On the 31st of January, 2016 I almost lost my life. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with a critical medical condition, for which I was required to have an urgent surgery. My hospital said that my HMO plan could not cover the surgery, hence I would be referred to another hospital for the surgery.
    Since it was an emergency, I and my family members who were contacted did not have enough money at the time and things looked bleak. A call was then placed to AXA Mansard Health’s 24/7 customer care centre about my critical health state; we just wanted to try because they were not obligated and surprisingly they obliged us!

    They came to my aid even at the darkest hour of the night, at 1am and rendered immediate help which facilitated my transfer to another hospital at 3am for the surgery. A member of staff also stayed with my family until I was out of surgery and recuperating. Maybe God would have spared my life anyway but I know for sure He used them for my benefit.

    My gratitude is endless to AXA Mansardfor the role they played at the point when I needed them the most. God bless the AXA Mansard team!

    • Amarachi, Lagos

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