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“How to make N50,000 every week from online Football Betting” – Guaranteed!

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  • This is a sponsored post. Read below...
    Hi, my name is Rotimi Alabi…...and the secrets I’m about to drop on your laps are so effective that owners of online football sites would kill to make sure you  never discover them in your whole life.

    Not just that, this absolutely effective HIDDEN system has made me over 3.6 million naira in the last 4 months alone and if you give me a few minutes of your time I am going to show you exactly how you too can be able to get the exact same results I got from online football betting.

    You see, online football betting is costing you more money than you are making from it. Every week you keep placing bets and you keep losing like a basket with water in it. While the owners of those websites you bet on, on the other hand, keep making millions from your losses.
    ….they fly first class with your money, buy new cars for their wives and send their kids to big schools from your hard earned money which you keep losing to them. Heck, they know you will keep losing because they have designed EVERYTHING to ensure that you keep losing. Trust me, they have

    Infact, I used to lose crazy money betting online.

    Let me tell you my story….

    You see, I first started betting online 5 years ago purely out of fun.

    At first I started with petty amounts….i would place a bet with 1000 naira and then go ahead to accumulate over 15 games hoping to win 1 million naira.

    Every time I kept losing this money when I bet online.

    As in, I lost every single penny. I even went up as high as betting with ten thousand, and I kept losing. At a point online betting turned from being fun to becoming some form of obsession. I believed I was going to win big someday so I didn’t care much about those losses.

    The more I lost the more I kept placing the bets. But that big win I was hoping for never came. Three games would cut the whole thing. Sometimes two, sometimes one – and the few ones that finally enters comes like once in many losses.

    At a point, I realized I just had to stop and figure out a way to start making money from this thing.

     My losses were far too much.

    One day, out of the blues, just out of luck….I placed a bet with 1000 naira and won 50,000 naira.

    My hope came back again. And all of a sudden I forgot the OVER 200,000 naira in losses that have hit me over the years – just because I won a mere 50k.

    But deep down, I started asking myself what I can do to constantly and consistently make 50,000 naira every single week – guaranteed from football bets.

    I prayed for luck. But it was so silly that I laugh at myself now thinking back on how I had actually believed I would make 50,000 naira weekly out of sheer luck.

    I knew I needed something more realistic.

     I needed a bet plan that always works.

     I realized that the reason I was losing so much money betting online was because I was DEPENDING so much on LUCK when I should see online football betting purely as the business it is.

    Because, trust me – it is a business. There is nothing different between online football betting and the stock market. Both of them deal with uncertainties. But then, in the stock market anybody who can read trends well would make far more money than another investor who just invests blindly.

    That is exactly what most people do when they bet online. They just go out and place bets blindly based on hunches and guess work. Some even bet JUST because they feel like betting.

    AND above all, most people DON’T understand how the betting system really works.

    I realized that unless I learn how to treat football bets as the business it is, I will always lose money – big time. This was when I began thinking about focusing on progressive success rather than one killer big win that may never happen.


    I started studying the art of making money from football betting. I tried to get books on the subject, but there were no quality ones. The few ones I managed to read were a bunch of crap. I ended up taking 3 online courses worth over a hundred thousand naira on how to make money from online betting.

    Then I sat down and started applying all I have learnt, trying to link them together so I can come up with a fool proof system that would make me predict football games to an accuracy of 89.7 percent (at least).

    I must say, this was initially difficult…but I was determined.

    I tried and researched but every single time I kept failing to come up with this perfect system.

    Till one fateful day, almost out of mistake, I discovered a powerful and effective set of tricks that I used on online bet websites. These tricks were so damn effective thatit made me 1.7 million naira in just a few months of using it. And here is the best part - these stuffs are so easy to learn that ANYONE can do it.

    Personally, it has easily and effortlessly made me over 14 million naira in the past 2 years. I’m not smarter than you, if I did it then you can make as much as that too.

    Now come with me….

    What if I show you….

    -          How to take a 50,000 naira and effortlessly turn it into 500,000 naira in less than 60 days without stress and without losing the money.

    -          How to still get paid whenonly one game cuts your accumulator bet slip.

    -          10 super powerful rules to follow that can make you more money betting in the next 31 days than you’ve made in the past 365 days

    -          What to do to start making a 50,000 naira or more from online football betting, starting from tomorrow.

    -          How to spot mistakes in odds and make Lots Of Money Instantly out of errors of bookmakers like Nairabet and Bet9ja.

    -          How to increase your chances of predicting a game CORRECTLY….this particular one is so effective it will leave you totally shocked.

    -          One powerful strategy of winning accumulator bets which most people don’t know that you can use to start making money betting on any site from tomorrow.

    -          Every single hidden trick bet websites have been using to make you lose money and how to avoid those bet traps.

    -          Exactly why you keep losing money betting online. Hint: I can bet every single penny in my account that you are even blind to why you lose bets.

    -          Exclusive insider secret exposed by one of the biggest online betting website owner around that would give you a big mental leap from your past betting life where you lose money like crazy to a money making mentality that would see you make mad money from football bets that you never thought was possible.

    Plus lots lots more….

    What would you do if I teach you all these, not tomorrow or next, but today.

     I have packaged all these secrets and more and I have poured it all into my ebook titled….”How To Make One Million From Online Football Betting”. All you need to discover all these secrets is to get this ebook today

    But hold on buddy.

    Like I told you before this is my personal money making secret so I can’t just go about teaching it to just anyone. Right now over 15,000 persons are reading this post.

    Out of that number of readers, at least 5,000 are going to be interested in this offer. If they all get it then the secret will be in the hands of far too many people. I don’t want that.

    So I’m going to TEACH this to Just 50 persons that are really determined to get rich from football betting.

    Why I’m I doing this?

    …Why I’m I not holding this secret JUST to myself. I mean, since it is making me so much money why I’m I not hiding it and using it just myself. I know that’s what you are thinking. Well, here is the honest answer – I don’t really know how to explain to you the kind of compassion I feel when driving through the streets and seeing young men just like me in bet shops struggling and fighting to place bets that they eventually lose.

    Most of these guys bet blindly and keep losing money. I want to change that. And trust me, this isn’t “wash”.

    I sometimes smile at myself when I remember I was once like them. I can take this ebook and give out just for free, but then; you won’t value it if I do that. In fact, I have tried it once and people ended up not valuing it. So the next best option is to give it out at a price anyone determined to make money betting online can afford.

    You see, I want to build a team of really focused bettors who will work very closely with me to make more money from me and themselves.

    It wouldn’t just end when you buy my ebook, for four straight weeks I will take you by the hand and give you the games I personally trade with every weekend so you can go out and make money for yourself with it.  This advice alone is worth thousands of naira but you would get it from me TOTALLY free.

    Not just that….

    ….. I’m so sure this ebook would make you money that I’m willing to make you a crazy offer. If you buy the ebook and you read it and you feel it was a waste of time just call me up (my number is below) and ask for a refund and you would get a 100 percent money back plus an apology from me for wasting your time.

    Here is just one out of many feedbacks I have gotten already from people who had read the ebook….

    How To Order My Ebook: “How To Make One Million From Online Football Bettting”

    ….so to order for this exclusive insider secrets filled ebook and start making 50,000 naira or more every week with what you will learn inside, here is what you need to do….

    -          Call my sales agent on 09056101222
    -          Or whatsapp him on 08086664563
    -          Or send an email to

    Just ask: “How can I get the ebook” in your call or message and details on how to get it will be sent to you.

    PS: I will have to repeat; ONLY 50 persons will have access to buy this ebook because it is definitely not for everyone.
    PSS: if you feel this ebook will not make you mad money in the next few days I understand your fears and doubts; just visit www.wikendbet.comread up the articles there and then make your decision.
    PSSS: I am so sure you will really love this ebook that I’m willing to make you a crazy offer….if after reading the ebook and you feel that what you’ve learnt from the ebook will not make you money just call 0905-610-1222 and every kobo you paid for the ebook will be sent back to you – 100 percent, no questions asked.

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