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How To Reserve Your NTEL Number

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    It is no more news that NTEL has acquired the assets, that was previously owned by NITEL/MTel (Nigeria’s national fixed and mobile operators).


    Some of the assets include; Operating Licenses (National Carrier; International Gateway; and Mobile.), Spectrum (Cellular on 900/1800/1900 MHz; and shared microwave), International Connectivity (part of SAT-3/WASC/SAFE submarine cable system and complete ownership of the Lagos Cable Landing Station),  Local Connectivity (Metro-fibre ducts and Intercity fibre rights of way), • Infrastructure (Tower sites; telephone exchanges; and satellite earth stations)

    With all the above assets NTEL is preparing to launch a 4G/LTE advanced network in 3 of Nigeria’s largest cities: Lagos; Abuja; and Port Harcourt and it plans to add more cities as time goes.

    NTEL’s 4G/LTE Advanced network will provide:

    • High-speed Internet Access, expected to be the fastest service available in Nigeria;

    • Including quality access to OTT applications such as YouTube/WhatsApp;

    • Voice-over-LTE services, featuring superfast call-connect times and crystal-clear high-definition voice quality;

    • Conventional SMS; and Video services


    How to Reserve your Number

    Visit the NTEL site => and click on the ‘ Choose Your Number’ image

    Enter your details into the form that loads up and click submit. 


    Note that you will enter your present number in the form fields

    Then you will have the option of choosing the number you want at the moment you can only choose within these ranges 0804 000 2001 – 0804 979 9998.

    After entering the number of your choice, click the ‘ Check Availability’ tab to know if the number is still available if it is still available click the ‘Reserve Number’ tab ina few minutes you will receive an email notice that your number has been reserved.

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    How To Reserve Your NTEL Number


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