Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Inside Kim Jong-un's pleasure squad which includes virgin schoolgirls chosen to serve North Korea's elite

By: Unknown On: 22:56
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  • According to new reports, North Korea's Kim Jong-un's secret "Pleasure Squad" includes schoolgirls as young as 13. The girls are allegedly picked at random by soldiers, sometimes the teenagers are picked from their own school and forced to serve a small military circle of North Korea's top social elite. These teenage girls are part of what is known as the leader’s Gippeumjo, or Pleasure Squad.

    Their medical histories are monitored by the regime and routine checkups are performed to make sure their virginity is intact.
    The claims were made by a couple of defectors that managed to escape the tyrannical country.

    One of the escapees told her story to Marie Claire in 2010 after she escaped to South Korea. She said she was 15 years old when guards took her from her classroom without warning and asked her if she had ever had sex with a boy, when she said  No, they took her away.
    She spent a full decade servicing Kim Jong-il, the father of Kim Jong-un, who never called on her for sex, but she believes he would have if she had stayed longer.

    Other femaless have spoken of wild sex parties where men would shave their heads and women would have their pubic area shaved. It is believed Kim disbanded the group who entertained his father Kim Jong-Il when he came to power in 2011.

    But now Kim, who is married to singer Ri Sol-ju and has a daughter, has renewed the tradition and sent out his officials to recruit "tall and beautiful" young women for the pleasure of the elite in his circle of friends.

    One source told Chosun Ilbo that the women are currently staying at the centerpiece Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang undergoing security training.

    Kim Jong-un allegedly decided to resurrect the tradition when he was being treated for gout last year and was waited on by a lot of tall, beautiful women.

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