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Must Read for Mothers - Please should I quit my job because of my kids?

By: Unknown On: 11:46
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  • I am a Lagos mum, I work at a top auditing firm and I really love my job. I have built an amazing career over the past 10 years, but I worry a lot about my kids. I have a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old girl who I feel are way below their potential and my husband constantly accuses me of loving my job more than my kids, him and my home. I am losing my mind over this issue, here’s how it started…

    When my boy was 5 years, I was very involved with teaching him and mentoring him at home and he showed traits of extraordinary brilliance. Then I got a promotion at work that needed me to travel more often and spend longer hours at the office. Over time, his performance started to deteriorate, I would talk to him, encourage him, scold him, pray for him and SPANK THE LIVING DAYLIGHT OUT OF HIM. But it didn’t work and as my daughter grew I started to see the same traits of complacency and mediocrity.

    A few months ago I started to think maybe I should quit my 6 figure paying job to stay home and teach my kids because I have tried different schools and that also didn’t work. A friend advised me to get tutors for my kids but I was worried
    What would the tutor do to change the situation?
    How would I even know the best tutor sef?
    What about security?
    Will I just call some strangers into my home HIAN!! And even if I work with the school teachers, I know that if anything were to happen at my home, the school would certainly say that what I had with the teacher was not any of their business.
    I spoke with a counsellor and former teacher and they said having a good home tutor for my kids would solve the problem. So I asked…
    How would getting a home tutor solve the problem?
    ·         Tutorshelps to tailor learning to specific children’s educational needs unlike teachers who follow a curriculum or a fixed plan, the tutors teaching method revolves completely around the child’s needs and learning patterns
    ·         If the kids are special needs children, tutors can better accommodate and support them much better than a teacher in a  normal class can
    ·         Tutors help build independent thinking and self-confidence.
    ·         Tutors help with homework and school problems and would give me more time to focus more on other things
    I felt the reasons made sense but the big challenge was getting the best tutor for my kids. Then I started to get recommendations and suggestion from friends that I use Prepclass Home tutors in Lagos. I was made to know that they have the best professional home tutors in Lagos, so I did some of my own research as to 
    Why I should choose a Prepclass tutor?
    ·         Their tutors are well trained.They receive feedback and are well monitored and supervised.
    ·         Prepclass tutors keep sessions structured, intense and very challenging which helps to really build the child
    ·         Prepclass does extensive tests and interviews on each and every one of their tutors, they also perform serious due diligence and get guarantors from tutors, moreover their involvement lasts for the entire period of the relationship and they have a wonderful customer service you can reach out to if you have any complaints you can freely call.
    ·         Prepclass tutors are trained to be passionate about the child and achieving the goals for the tutoring sessions. They get to know your child's interests, abilities and other basic skills, then plan lessons to match, help your child build confidence and challengethem to grow.
    ·         Their tutors are punctual, professional and stay on task during tutoring sessions.
    All these I found out from feedback I got from friends who use their services and I simply hadto fill a form here to get a tutor
    Prepclass is an academic solutions provider with numerous success stories from over 500 clients in Lagos. I was delighted to see that they area fully registered company in Nigeria, they have a physical office on the 3rd floor, No. 315 Herbert Macaulay Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos (Opposite KFC) and provide the best home tutors in Lekki, best home tutors in Ikeja, best home tutors in Lagos mainland and other regions in Lagos
    They can also be reachedon 01-2913970 or their mobile hotline 08059811502 or you can fill out the Prepclass form here and they will call youimmediately. They will first visit your home or office to understand what your expectations really are and if possible access your child, then you will get a tutor within 3 business days.

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