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Really how do they do it? Getting famous on social media

By: Unknown On: 06:51
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    Call them social media celebs and you wouldn’t be wrong, this new class of stars are raking in both money and fame by just sharing stuff on our social media handle. But being social a media celeb is it all fun and games? I don't think so

    It’s a new race to stardom andtalented people, often regular guysincluding our very own celebrities have found a way to make money by simply telling the rest of us about their lives on social media. Yeah, social media audience is a new niche and our celebs know this:  by sharing theirstories, dreams, awkward moments etconline while the rest of us watch on ardently, these guys get paid big time, lol.

    YouTube,Instagram, Facebook, Palmchat and Twitter  give most of us something to do on a lonely Saturday night but they actually pay the bills for some people.

    Social media celebrities like “Craze clown” has become Instagram famous; the Ukraine based comedian post funny videos on his different social media platforms for his followers to view and enjoy.

    What about Frank Donga, he is another online personality who after his lead comedic roles on the Ndani TV comedy skits, has continued to thrill his fans by posting funny memes and write ups on both his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Some other celebrities who got “real life” famousand not doing badly on social media either,  they’ve gotten creative on the platform and engagetheir fans with skits, inspiring quotes even good looks and one of such super stars is the Ghanaian actor John Dumelo.

    Tall, dark and handsome with good brain…Dumelois doing real good on socials.

    John is one celebrity who has gained a lot of popularity on social media. First, he is handsome then he’s dark and to cap it all, he’s got good height and really says nice things about life.
    Just check out his Facebook and Palmchat, the guy is hot 

    Celebrity off and online

    Sorry, I’m dwelling on John, lol. But he is not the only TV celeb pulling crowd offline and online in the Nollywood industry.The likes of OmoSexy, Genevieve and Rita Dominic all have pull a trail of sizeable fan base online little wonder you kinda see these familiar pretty faces ever so often on TV for one thing or the other.

    Overnight stardom is happening

    Social media sure works but the trick is there isn’ta standard script on how to make it work for you. So, celebrities and regular guys alike are walking this fine line of fame and possible riches but I have always wondered how do they do it? Really, John Dumelo’sFamz-ingon Facebook or Palmchat fetches him a 100k likes and plenty comments just like that. How does he do it? He is cute I know   

    If you ask me, luck comes into play in all these trial and errors of social media fame nonetheless; it is great to see people make something out of social media.For some, it fetches them great rewards such things as brand endorsements,partnerships even international advocacy roles to humanitarian purposes. We watch our celeb’s status riseand all most of us can do is either try to replicate what our social media celeb is doing or just keep talking about or against them. To the extreme,we crushon them.

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