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Two friends fall to their deaths as they tried to take the perfect selfie

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  • Two friends, 12 year old Arandari Paola Garcia and 17-year-old Mariana 'N' who were camping with their families on an isolated beach in Mexico, fell to their deaths after climbing onto dangerous rocks to take selfies.
    Police say the friends who were from Mesa De Otay in Tijuana Mexico wanted to take pictures of the sea and climbed on to rocks at Rosarito in Baja California to take selfies.

    The Police think one of the girls may have slipped and fallen while trying to take the selfie and the other tried to save her but fell with her instead.

    The alarm was raised after their families realized they had been gone for over 40 mins. They went in search of them and found some of their belongings on top of the rocks but couldn't find the girls so they called the Police.

    The Police found one of the girls drowned in the ocean and the other was killed by a severe head injury and found trapped between rocks.

    The local council had recently placed warning signs in the area telling visitors that it was unsafe to swim there.
    A spokesman for Rosarito Red Cross said it looked the girls went too close to the edge of the rocks to take a selfie and they both fell.

    Source:Daily Mail

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