Wednesday, 13 April 2016

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US ambassador to Nigeria say Telegraph's article not a reflection of the US govt's position on Buhari's administration

By: Unknown On: 08:43
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  • US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, has said the UK telegraph's article about 'Nigeria using UK aid to persecute president's political foes rather than fight Boko Haram" published yesterday April 12th, does not reflect the true position of the US government on the Buhari led government.

    The article quoted a Senior US government official as saying
    "This is a scandal in the making. There is no doubt the growing strength of Boko Haram is because President Buhari is far more interested in settling scores with his political opponents than concentrating his energy on defeating terrorists. The result is that Nigeria is starting to look more and more like a police state while Boko Haram just goes from strength to strength.”
    Ambassor Entwistle spoke with the Digital Strategy & Engagement Unit (DSEU) in President Buhari's office.

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