Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Workers day special: If your monthly take home pay is not up to 1m, this message is for you!

By: Unknown On: 12:00
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    My name is Lanre Akinsiun, I am a CEO of an IT firm in Lagos. I will like to tell you a little about myself. My company and I faced a lot of challenges in the last two years due to various foreign exchange policies making it difficult to provide most of our services due to high cost of projects. While looking for a way out I saw this unique Business system aside IT that anyone could do.

    Had a meeting with one of the Executives and we came up with plan.
    My Staff were the 1st I included in the Plan. They now own a business individually that is paying them weekly and monthly. Even if they leave my organisation today, they will forever be grateful that I showed them this new business system that is paying them even more than their current salaries.

    Its no longer news that the economy is undergoing restructuring and a lot recently lost their means of livelihood.
    The question is, if your main source of Income Stops Today... How Long Can You Survive without a crisis.

    A group of young Entrepreneurs recently discovered a Business System that has been  creating Wealth for individuals both old and Young.
    The Unique system will be unveiled On Workers Day 
    Sunday 1st of May
    Monday 2nd of May.
    In Lagos,  Abuja, Uyo and Enugu Concurrently.
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    My name is Esther Ibehre

    I am a Human Resources Professional.
    One of my key responsibilities as a HR Employee Relations Manager is to negotiate and prepare Employment Contracts for new hires and also to prepare Suspension, Termination and Dismissal letters for employees.
    I have had to give Termination/Dismissals letters to the older employees, middle aged and fresh graduates. At the end of every such meeting, the feeling was always the same for both parties, a very sad, depressing and humbling one. I always prayed not to be on the other side of the table for a meeting like this.
    I learnt about this business system 8 weeks ago.
    I am a skeptic. Initially, I had my doubts.
    Then I attended a Business Meeting with the Executives and saw an amazing potential in this business system. I have not only recovered my invested capital, I am on a 6-figure monthly earning with more than enough time for my kids and family.
     I see it has an opportunity for all EMPLOYED to be EMPOWERED against all odds.

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    Our Business system  is created around Premium products that we all consume daily. So whether you know how to sell or not you still make money.

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    What Do We Offer You
    We Offer you a Partnership.... We Offer an Opportunity.... . We offer Hope.

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    Good News is, You don't have to be physically around for your business to grow.
    We have created a structure that helps you make money even while you sleep.

    My name is Gbemi Oyewale.

    I got to know about this business while pregnant and working full time in a financial institution.
    However, realising how spectacular the business is, I decided to give it a try on part time basis because of my very busy schedule.
    Then came the mind blowing results...
    First, I made back my investment in 3 weeks!!!
    Then the incredible DAILY income and the SIMPLICITY of this business gave me the needed confidence to put in my letter and resign from my 7 years secular job in the financial sector...
    And today, though I just put to bed and I'm home taking care of the newborn and my family, I still get paid!!!

    We have a lot already enjoying from this unique business system.
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    Meet one of our Partners Mr Shola who got himself a car after few months of Partnering with us.

    The world is changing fast, what worked 10years ago might be obsolete today.
    Are you ready to Change from being Ordinary to Extra Ordinary?
    Remember when Preparation meets opportunity success is Inevitable.

    Click on the link to book a seat for the event.
    Date : Sunday 1st of May
    Monday 2nd of May.
    The Event will hold in:Lagos, Abuja, Uyo and Enugu Concurrently.

    ===Access Fee Applies===

    More Info:
    Contact Us Here!


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