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[Whatapp Stories] My daddy’s new wife by NINOH (Complete Episodes)

By: Unknown On: 13:03
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    Episode 1

    I couldn’t tell how i felt as i walked past my dad’s room. couldn’t fathom if it was anger, jealousy or horniness.

    Anger; because my father actually now brought a new wife into our home, or jealousy cus i wish i was the one in his room now listening to him tell me story as he used to.

    and horniness; Uuuuhm what can i say, am a teenager bound to the shackles of raging homones.

    i was just walking back to my room after my usual midnight movie session when i over heard slight moans from my dads room.

    being inquisitive as i am i stopped and listened and the moans became even clearer.

    it was obvious dad was bleeping his new wife which sent bl0*d gushing from my brain down to the d**k dangling between my legs as it sprang up to life.

    i hissed a little bit loudly as walked back to my room with my hardness now clearly bulged on my short. i jerked off that night with the image of dad’s new wife on my mind.

    Ok let me start from the very beginning;

    I am a boy of 21, very tall for my mates, have a complexion that is slightly lighter than chocolate and my name is Johnysky but mostly called sky.

    From a family of 2kids and the other kid is my twin sister Jessy tho i fondly call her skybeauty. maybe it was because she was my sister or maybe it was actually true but i actually think her the prettiest girl i have seen.

    I and my sister are both in level 200 in the tertiary institution with her studying medicine and surgery in the university of Nigeria nsukka (UNN) and me studying Science lab tech in the in Institute of management and technology (imt) a poly technic in enugu where we live

    Dont blame me, she is obviously and far more intelligent than me, and so? No big deal.

    She lived in nsukka while i was subjected to going to school from home which was like a death sentence to me.

    Mum died when we were 10 from a sickness we really didnt understand its name as of that time.

    So we were left with Papa to bring us up.

    Papa was the chairman of our local government, so i would say we were wealthy and he gave us all we needed in life, anything money could get for us.

    • • • • •

    It all started on that very day. The sun hung lazily across the sky as it gradually but reluctantly sunk to the west casting a reddish orange beam over the environment.

    I was seated with Jessy who came back from school a forth night ago, we were watching one useless movie like that in African magic, I was more interested in my whatsapp chat with my girl friend, Joy.

    “Sky, daddy’s back” Jessy announced peering at the door to see daddy come in.

    we could hear doors thumping shut and knew he would be in any moment from then.

    Daddy pushed the door open as a female figure walked in with him, i could see the surprise and contempt on Jessy’s face as she watched the girl walk into our house as if its her father’s house.

    I took my gaze back to the bold woman walking into my house with so much boldness; she was quite tall maybe 5’9ft, Can easily guess or place her age between the bracket of 24 to 26, a beautiful face with black obviously artificial eye lashes standing out, a clourless lip gloss.

    Her b0*bs were full and round as i could make out as much cleavage as my eyes could perceive sticking out of her flowery top.

    the round bumz and straight legs clasped in a black leggings.

    woooow she was indeed very beautiful but certainly wouldnt be as beautiful as my skybeauty tho.

    “Now what dah f##k is she doing with daddy in our house” i queried myself stealing glances at Jessy.

    “Good evening daddy” we both chorused.

    “Good evening ejimam” he intoned stressing the ‘Ejimam’ which he mostly called us when we are together.

    Was sure he could sense the questions in our eyes as he took her by the hand and cleared his throat.

    “Ejimam, this is Amanda, she is my new wife and your new step mother” Papa intoned with pride written all over his face and an ear to ear grin on his face.

    “What dah f##k? did he just say wife?” my mind shouted within me as i looked at Jessy and can easily tell that was exactly what she also had in mind.

    I didnt know how to feel about it, i mean i know it has been almost 11years mum died and according to me dad have tried living without a wife that long.

    But i wasnt expecting a girl that young, she could easily pass for his daughter… “d##n dad just proved politicians are all the same as people always tell me” i cursed under my breathe.

    “Welcome” Jessy and i said obviously colder than we meant it to be.

    “Thank you John and Jessy” **Ok great this man already told her our names…mtcheeew.**

    “Am glad to be part of your family, i am Amanda”

    She addressed us smiling and mostly looking at me all the while.

    Our family and everything would turn out to change so much from that day on…

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    Episode 2

    SKYBEAUTY: sky can you imagine the type of little girl daddy brought here as a wife?

    I read through as i opened a whatsapp message from Jessy, saved her number with skybeauty.

    ME: Honestly i really dont know what to say about it ooo, but when did daddy marry her na.

    SKYBEAUTY: Maybe that what the busy he was always saying he was, he was busy doing her marriage rights.

    ME: But that Amanda shaa, daddy can easily pass for her ancestor, how could she agree to this.

    SKYBEAUTY: This boy are u that dumb? its money jooooor **laughing face**

    ME: Abi, i thought as much anyway daddy don try shaa, as long as she makes him happy am ok with it.

    SKYBEAUTY; Brb step sis…..oh i mean step mum is calling me from the kitchen…**laughing face**

    ME: mumu go jooor….

    Amanda turned out to be a very nice person even though Jessy never like her that much.

    I on my own part feels indifferent about my dad having a new wife but i cant help always feasting my eyes on those round firm b0*bs which she always makes sure a lot of cleavage peeps out.

    And those kim kerdashian kinda of bumz that forces gravity to act mercilessly on my eyes each time i’m close to her and i could swear she sees me mopping at her.

    Could tell from the slight smirk she puts on whenever she is in my presence.

    The evil low waist trousers that clearly shows off a good part of her upper panties or those skimpy skirts or gowns she always clad at home giving out those fleshy thighs threatening to run all the way to her p**sy area , talk about those bum-shorts.

    “Was this extra-s#xy girl brought here to torment my life?” i cursed under my breathe anytime i jerked off with a picture of her on my mind.

    On that most beautiful day, dad have been out for 2days on a trip to God knows where, Jessy had gone back to school 2 nights before which means i was left with this s#xy nemesis at home.

    The full blazing beam of the sun battered the earth, if you look hard enough you would notice something like invisible steam oozing out from the ground showing u how baked and hot the ground were.

    Being in school all morning my brain was already what i could term as fried like plantain.

    I hurried home, probably to enter the shower or better still the swimming pool.

    On arriving home, i threw a weak greeting at Ahmed who was our gate man, i always found time to stay and talk with him anytime i pass the gate.

    His half hausa/half english accent riddled with heavy mimicry of igbo accent always got me rolling on the floor with laughter.

    “Walahi oga, this sun i don fry am for my brain kwo? Ahmed teased as i bundled myself into the gate.

    “Ahmed abeg i will be beck to chat with you later” i threw at Ahmed as i made my way into the compound.

    Looking round our compound situated at independence layout in Enugu state, it was a fairly large compound, a flower lawn at the right flank with a few swings and chairs one can relax on.

    An average sized swimming pool with a few moveable bar tables occupied the other side, which was were daddy and most of his friends stayed when ever they visited, nothing beats the laugh i have when ever i see those pregnant men shirtless trying to do what u can term swimming.

    The exotic car park just before the house, ladened 2black jeeps and other cars that seem to throw the sun’s ray right back at it, our house a one storeyed duplex, 10rooms and 2sitting rooms, coated in a beautiful white colour with brownish cream buttered in some desired places giving it a perfect colour tone.

    I crashed the door open, dropping my little back pack on the floor of the sitting room, peeling off my clothes on the floor as i dashed to the guest bathroom beside the parlour to take a shower.

    The image that stood before was shocking and exciting at the same time.

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    Episode 3

    Rushing into my my room, i banged the door shut and fell on the bed with a thud unclad and my d**k harder than any rock.

    “What dah f##k did i just do?”

    “Why did i remove my clothes before entering the bathroom?”

    “What dah heck was she even doing in there, Dad has the biggest bathroom in the whole house.”

    I could still recall the look in her eyes when i barged in…

    A mixture of both surprise and naughtiness…

    Her eyes grew wider and an alien evil smile covered her face as i saw her eyes glued to my D##k, i was transfixed in my position for a little more than 10 seconds not knowing what to do or say.

    I barged into the bathroom to pour a cold water all over myself and regain my sanity, i already peeled off my clothes on my voyage to the bathroom forgetting we now had someone else in our family but i never expected her to be in there!

    I was faced with a vision of Amanda totally naked and wet all over and her body shimmery and slippery from the soap that buttered her body in silky whitish foam.

    I stood there unclad, mouth agape and d**k already risen to life **We all know that guy between our legs have a mind of it’s own**

    I was there long enough to percieve all those features i have fantasized over in clear full details;

    Her b0*bs was as firm and full as i have pictured it to be in my mind’s eyes.

    That flat stomach that ran down to her belly button flowing down to her pubic region as my eyes savored the look of the p**sy, Shaven but a little trace of hair was left on it.

    Her c##t was swollen from my own perspective and labias too tempting, knocking my brain over the bar.

    That kim K hips that flows straight to the most succulent laps and those straight pair of legs that gave her the look of a goddess and i can tell i saw something that looked like a pink dildo on the floor.

    “Chisoooooos! Sorry!!!” i shouted immediately on being recalled back to earth from an obvious trip to Jupitar.

    I rushed out of the bathroom banging the door shut behind me as i ran to my room.

    Could hear soft laughs from her while i picked my clothes and rushed up to my room, my hard d**k giving me much difficulty and the embarrassment so overwhelming.

    A gentle knock on my door jolted me off from my thought which was a mixture of embarrassment and raging horniness tripled by the flashes of the e####c images of Amanda that i saw.

    I sprang up, hurriedly slipped into my boxer and muttered “Come in” to whoever it was even though anybody already could have guessed who it was.

    My eyes widened as Amanda stepped into my room clad in a white towel still very revealing tho.

    “Uuuuhm am sorry aunty for barging in, i didnt know you were there” I blurted out stressing the aunty, with my face tilted towards the floor.

    She gave out a mild chuckled “Its ok sky, actually i am not the only person that got exposed today, am i?” she teased running her eyes through my bare chest to the still visible bulge on my boxer.

    I smiled mischievously with a surge of confidence running through me all of a sudden.

    “I hope you will come down to the kitchen to help me with the meals” She proposed running her hands through my hair sending chills down my stomach into my pant.

    “Yeah i will” i replied more bolder than before..

    “Alright dear…” She smiled as she turned to leave, those huge bumz swaying through the white towel she wore round her chest.

    “d##n …” My head blew open as i fell back on the bed giving out a loud sigh and being slightly angry at my d**k who just couldn’t respect itself, embarrassing me anyhow.

    Anyway i have a cooking to do tonight…

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    Episode 4

    I went downstairs when i saw a miss call on my phone and it was from my step mum..

    I wore a mickey mouse short that was just half way through my thighs which were somehow hairy, and a singlet clad my chest tight.

    I entered the kitchen to find her already washing rice on the sink with her back faced towards the door.

    My eyes popped as i was lavishly greeted with that heavenly backside, perfect thighs and legs.

    She was wearing a very short skimpy gown that i was sure you don’t have to pull up to 4 inches before you find her p**sy or maybe panties as i guessed.

    an apron was tied around her which intensified my hardness, it was like watching a p##n star in 3D pretending to be a cook.

    “Hey will you just stand there looking at me or come over here and give me a hand” She blurted out and i was jolted back to consciousness surprised how i got lost in the utopia of the a#s view.

    I smiled shyly knowing full well she caught me red handed drooling over her a#s, those evil naughty smirk filled her face and her eyes once again taking a quick scan of my d**k region.

    “So sky tell me…what do you love most in girls?” her voice rang out in a most surprising question.

    i was thrown of guard as i nearly cut myself slicing through tomatoes in a tray.

    “Common dont be shy” She came again with a smile, eyeing me.

    “Uuuhm i love asses and round b0*bs” i managed to answer giving out a shrieking laugh

    “Hmmmm i hope your girl friend have them” Came yet another surprising question.

    “eeeeehm she try shaa but not anything near you, i mean your assets are epic” Those words just escaped my mouth, never had any intention of uttering them tho i cant deny i had it in mind.

    “Woooow so you love my assets?” she said again though am not sure if it was supposed to be a question.

    She passed by me to get a spoon, her scent filled my nostrils.

    A fresh sweet flowery scent **Big thanks to any cream she uses**

    And strangely a small scent of p**sy, that probably is a product of my naughty imaginations.

    “Yes i do, who wouldn’t kill for such a#s” I replied smearing my reply with a laugh.

    could see she was visibly blushing and i took the initiative from there.

    “You see, if not for God saving me i would have rushed to grab em this afternoon at the bathroom, tho it probably could have landed me in a boiling pot of soup” I teased with one of my eyes closed thinking maybe i just crossed the line.

    “Hahahahahaha am not so sure you would be in any soup” I heard her say.

    “Pass me those tomatoes already, a#s lover”

    I took the sliced tomatoes over to her as she stood in front of the gas cooker, i made sure i brushed my body lightly against hers as i passed the bowl of sliced tomatoes.

    which she rewarded me with a smile.

    We talked about many things as the food communed with the pot and fire.

    politics, religion but most times she kept dabbling into s#x and relationship talks which i was more than glad to show her how mature and good i was at them.

    “Ok the food is ready, now go and bath then come down in 10minutes for dinner” She announced.

    I stretched my skeletal frame loudly as i made to go up to my room.

    “Dont you wanna get ur reward for helping me out” Her voice sounded flirting.

    **Taaaaaaaadaaa!!! what could the reward be, maybe a piece of the chicken or something** i thought within me making my way to where she was.

    “Ok am here, where is ma reward” i uttered with a funny smirk.

    She grabbed the neck of my white singlet pulling it near to herself stretching it so hard that i thought it might snap.

    **What is she doing** i yelled in my mind

    My brain literally switched off as i felt her lips clasp mine.

    Her lower lip was tucked in between my lips as my upper lip were tucked in between hers.

    The softness of her lips and sweet smelling aroma i got from it made my whole body quack and my legs wobbled and the third leg between my thighs rising to life in a flash.

    Her lips and tongues twirled in mine for like 8seconds before she broke the kiss, chuckled and faced the food again.

    “Now go up and get ready for dinner” Her voice rang out of the blur snapping me out of my hypnotized state, mouth agape and hands paralysed as i stood there transfixed like an imbecile.

    I rushed upstairs with my d**k leading the way, almost tearing my beloved mickey mouse short.

    Am sure she saw the hard on she caused me,

    Am starting to think this girl was sent here to torment my life.

    Dinner went by normally, we talked and joked over the food, with me taking little peeps every now and then at the little cleavage that was visible.

    The night was torture for me, the kiss couldnt go off my mind, what could she have in mind…

    I stayed awake nearly half of the sleeping hours, recalling and replaying the kiss in 3D in my mind.

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    Episode 5

    The night was like hell for me. . . having to stay awake almost half of the night with my d**k not making matters easy for me.

    Even when i managed to catch a little sleep, the kiss and the naked pictures of Amanda kept on flashing in my dream is full HD ..

    “What type of wahala have papa gotten me into, which kind winsh be this one na” I hissed

    I managed to scale through in one piece as morning arrived after taking like forever.

    The much desired morning arrived and i woke up in the wrong side of the bed, feeling a bit woozy and a throbbing headache.

    I dashed into my bathroom to do the morning tradition and you know normally we guys always have early morning hard ons.

    I took a piss, brushed my teeth and entered the shower.

    “Good morning sky” i heard Amanda’s voice as the shower water ran down through my body.

    i was sure that voice came from inside my room or somewhere very near.

    I hurriedly stepped out of the shower, tied a towel around my waist and stepped out to see.

    Amanda was seated on my bed, still clad in her very short but transparent nighty.

    I could almost make out the aurora around her n#####s.

    “Good morning ma” I greeted with a mischievous smile.

    I am starting to think this girl is always doing this on purpose, i bet she enjoy teasing me and at the same time tormenting my life with permanent erections.

    Amanda asked if i slept well, to which i lied and replied the affirmative.

    she then announced breakfast was ready and bundled her blissful heaven with her out of my room, suddenly she turned sharply as she got to the door, i tilted my face to the left sharply but i was sure she caught me being hypnotized by those backside cus an evil smile adorned her face.

    “Abeg i have had enough” i cursed, i really needed to get off badly or my head might burst.

    I picked my phone and sent Joy a whatsapp message.

    ME: Hey babe good morning

    JOY: Good morning boo, how are you?

    ME: Am ok just missing u ma cup cake.

    JOY: Am missing u too

    ME: Can you come over to the house today, i really need to see u.

    JOY: I have somewhere going ooo… but uuhm ok i will be there 11am, anything for my baby boo.

    ME: hahaha thanks baby…i will be waiting…luv u

    JOY: Luv you too dear .

    My mood brightened all of a sudden, Joy is coming over and you know what that means.

    I hurriedly made my bed, tidied my room, hid some dirty clothes that littered around.

    When i was satisfied with my creativity and efficiency in tidying up a room within minutes, i rushed down to the dinning to join Amanda at the dinning for a breakfast of fried egg and plantain, with an ear to ear grin worn on my face selling away my happiness.

    ** ** ** **

    “John, someone is looking for you” i heard Amanda’s voice call out to me.

    I was sure it was Joy as i sprang out of bed to rush downstairs..

    But wait, Amanda just called me by my real name and not Sky like she normally does, anyway no bad shaaa.

    I joined Amanda in the sitting room, she was sitting on a cushion watching Channel O, Joy was standing against the wall like a criminal that have been cornered by the police, lol am sure she didnt expect to see anyone like before.

    Her neatly plaited hair packed the back, colourless lip gloss that she knows i like kissing.

    Her b0*bs was bustily exposing a great deal of cleavage hugged in a tight white top with pink edgings.

    Her slightly curved legs was peeled into a black leggings that you could make out her p**sy mounds if you looked harder.

    I rushed to joy, gave her a light hug, announced to Amanda that i was going up to my room which she just shrugged and waved.

    I led joy up to my room, looking back for a second to see amanda looking at us with visible contempt on her face and obvious jealousy buttered in anger.. “whats her problem?” i queried by mind.

    “Baby, who is that girl and she obviously do not like me” Joy intoned on getting to my room.

    “Eeehm thats my dad’s new wife, dont worry about her abeg”

    “New wife?” she exclaimed in surprise.

    “eeeeeh naaa new wife, she for be old wife before?” I yapped out sharply very eager to jump into the business of the day.

    I bleeped Joy like a mad dog that day, was sure that was the first time i banged her so ferociously .

    Expectedly i was thinking about amanda while i was bleeping Joy, even her moans and my name she groaned couldnt change that.

    I was sure i saw someone’s shadow lurking behind the door as i bleeped joy. . **na that person sabi shaa wetin concern me gan**

    I and joy ended up having 3 wonderful bouts of s#x leaving us exhausted but strangely even after all that, their was this s#xual tension, a sort of unsatisfaction that still was surging deep inside me but evidently Joy cant quench that.


    You can join the whatsapp group for latest updates on a varieties of stories; +2348033955602

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    Episode 6

    Papa came home that evening after Joy have already gone home.

    I walked pass them at the parlour chatting and laughing with amanda rubbing papa’s stomach.

    Ooh i felt sick to my stomach and and alien jealousy over took me as i cast a glaring look at amanda which she reciprocated gazing at me until i disappeared upstairs and into my room.

    Now i can recall that look she gave me when i was walking to my room with joy, it was exactly the same type of look l gave her seeing her rubbing papa’s fat belly.

    She really is mad at me because of Joy and obviously still is mad, no wonder i have not seen even one flash from her since morning. Not her teeth nor her flirty gestures or killing winks.. Have been a very cold attitude and scorn.

    7pm i went down to the kitchen, expectedly i met her there washing plates while something boiled on the cooker seemed like rice judging from the scent.

    “Good evening” i muttered…. scratching the back of my head.

    “Yeah” she said quite cold and indifferent.

    I knew within me she was not happy with me because of Joy.

    Seating at one corner of the kitchen i fixed my eyes on her as she washed and dried the plates.

    She was clad in a flimsy gown that just stop after her a#s giving out 80% of those laps that stood like 2 huge soft and fair tree trunks.

    My d**k responded, nodding furiously inside my scooby doo boxer this time**Dont mind me, i’m a disney fan..”

    The surge of lust in me for this lady was so intense that i could even hear my own heartbeat.

    I stood up from the corner i sat, slowly grabbed her from behind crushing my body behind hers.

    She jolted in surprise, then surprisingly she threw her head backwards and surrendered her whole frame into mine on getting to know it was me.

    I took my head deep into her neck as my lips found the sides of her neck showering kisses into it as my hands strayed from her stomach and journeyed up to the base of her b0*bs.

    Her head fell more backward into me, her mouth flew open but no words escaped except for slight moans that were only audible to my ears.

    i dragged my lips side wards to the side of her lips coated in a pink wet lip stick giving her soft bites and kisses on her cheek.

    She tilted her face to the right and her lips found mine in a very passionate long wet kiss.

    my hands found her b0*bs giving her soft and hard squeezes as our lips danced into each other.

    Her tongues twirled into mine sucking and nibbling at my tongue and lips.

    I took my lips down to her neck again kissing and nibbling away at the back of her neck twirling my tongue on her skin as my right hand travelled more downwards to her belly encircling her belly button and my left hand still caressing and squeezing those round full b0*bs.

    my right hand travelled downwards more between her thighs as it sank deep into her laps taking it up enough to graze her p###y covered in a lacy thong.

    I could feel the hotness oozing out from there and her juices smearing on my fingers through the thong.

    Her moans became more frequent with her hand thrown to the back rubbing the back of my head furiously and the other grazing my laps.

    i rubbed her p###y through the panties encircling her c##t tucked into two moulds of swollen labias.

    “Oh sky…ooh my gawd… ooohm mmmmm baby” flew out through her mouth filtering into my ears sending more bl0*d pumping vigourosly into my already hard D##k.

    I slowly journeyed down to her back attacking the crack of her back with kisses, shifting the tiny rope that held the gown to her shoulder downwards to her upper arms letting the gown slip down more to her stomach.

    letting those two most beautiful b0*bs fall out from under the dress, of course she had no bra on.

    my hands grabbed the b0*bs hard as i gave them even more hard squeezes rubbing her now erect n#####s with my fingers, running them all over her dark aurora.

    my lips traced its way downwards to her a#s lifting up that flimsy dress gently, her white lacy panties became visible confirming my guess.

    Covering each a#s cheeks with kisses, twirling wit my tongue and licking each of them circling with my tongue and my hands rubbing her p###y which now drenched my them in juices.

    My lips trailed down more between her thighs, running my tongue into it grazing her p###y through her thong.

    She bends more leaning forward towards the sink letting her a#s shoot out into the air and the greater part of her p###y coming out from behind.

    I shifted the thong to the side as my tongue delve full frontal into her p###y, licking her swollen labias, licking through it and my hand caressing her inner thighs.

    I could hear faint moans from her as her hands held up her dress for me.

    My tongue twirled in her p###y, kissing and licking then gently i pushed my tongue into her p###y hole taking it in as far as it could go rubbing her c##t with my fore finger while my tongue was buried deep into her.. could feel her jerking and twitching above.

    Moans after moans turning into groans rewarded me making me more enthusiastic as my tongue pushed deeper into her.

    I took my pink tongue to another missionary journey finding her now hard c##t protruding out from her labias. I took it into my mouth, twirling over it grazing and rubbing it with my tongue with her p###y scent filling my nostrils.

    “Oh she smells angelic” i moaned through my breathe.

    I concentrated on her c##t, slurping and twirling on it. juices smearing all over my jaw.

    She started trembling, shaking profusely as i felt her drift into a bout of heavy orgasm.

    Her quaking was very hard and i sucked on her c##t even more with one of my fingers going in and out her slit.

    I could notice her moans were muffled and her legs wobbled making me hold her up through her a#s with my hand.

    I got up from under her a#s as she was recovering from the orgasmic spell.

    Grabbed her by the neck gently and pushed my mouth into her, she dove her tongue into mine with full force taking me in as hungrily as a man in an indomie advert.

    I pushed down my boxer, Junior sky sprang out from under my boxer as my boxer slid down to my knees.

    Her a#s were still up in the air and her hands grasping the sink water tap…I took my fingers to her p###y again rubbing it up and down feeling the juice covered p###y once more before i slowly position the head of my D##k at the entrance.

    My whole body stiffened as my D##k slowly and easily slid into her warmness.

    Waves of dry cold and intense hotness surged through me making me shiver and groan wit my eyes shut tight.

    She pushed her a#s out more giving me more range to drive my almost 9inches long member into.

    I went in and out, bringing my D##k all the way out till the head was visible then s######g it back.

    “Darlin am going inside the bedroom, call me when the food is ready” We heard papa’s voice call out from the parlour as he groaned definitely from him stretching himself.

    I froze immediately with my D##k still buried deep into her, my heart melted to my stomach and my eyes glued to the door with popped eyes sensitive enough to see even the slightest movement, ears raised to hear the slightest sound of footsteps that may appear to come toward the kitchen but strangely such risk intensified my lust.

    “Ok darlin i will” she called out back to papa before i interrupted by ramming my D##k hard into her making her jerk and moan out softly again.

    The thought of papa being in the house as i bleep his new s#xy wife from behind right inside the kitchen made more bl0*d rush through my veins into my D##k getting me more mad with lust.

    My t####t became long and harder, s######g harder and harder grabbing her b0*bs with my hand from the back.

    “Oh baby..Mmmhmmm my sky…Oh i love u so much..aaaaahh baby pls” she moaned out making me even more hard.

    Her p###y walls tightened its grip on my D##k as she was sent into another round of explosive orgasm making her shake and quiver.

    It sent me over the edge as my own orgasm hit me unexpectedly making me grabbed her a#s roughly s######g harder into her in an unrhthymized pattern, my legs wobbling and tapping the ground as waves of hard orgasm passed through me as my D##k vomited hot wads of thick fluids deep into her with my whole body quaking like someone dancing a lighter version of shoki.

    Her p###y leaked of more juices making it even more slippery, as my D##k gave up the last of its content.

    I savored the feel of her p###y holding on my D##k in my post orgasmic mood.

    Then i pulled out my half flaccid D##k out, peeled up my scooby doo boxer that now rested on my feet.

    “Wooow sky this is the wildest and the best i have ever had” She whispered to me positioning her thong back to the normal position and taking down her dress which were on her stomach, could see how heavy she was blushing giving me an aray of pride.

    “Oh s##t, the rice is burning” she blurted out dashing towards the Gas cooker.

    I walked out of the kitchen but not after casting another mischievous look at her a#s while she put of the cooker.

    She took ghostly look behind winking at me and her lips moved and the words “Thank you” found it’s way into my ears.

    I disappeared into the hall way that led to the stairs.

    I cant believe i just bleeped this s#xy goddess that passed as papa’s wife…My own father’s wife…

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    Episode 7

    Going to bed that night i was both happy, satisfied, proud but strangely their was an odd melancholy feeling and i had to seat down on the bed for a while going over all that happened.

    “What if papa caught us, what would i have done?” i shuddered at the thought of papa catching us.

    “surely he would disown me”

    “Did i do the right thing bleeping papa’s new wife?”

    No girl have ever turned me on the way she does but still she is a sweet poison that i knew would certainly backfire if i don’t cut it off in time but heck it was worth the risk, i mean she is a very young s#xy goddess, any sane guy can kill for that p###y. forget she is married to my father.

    My phone gave a mild beep while letting out silvery white glows at the same time.

    I could see from the notification that it was a whatsapp message and it was from my step mum.

    Amanda: Hey Sugar you were superb tonight, you gave me the best i have had… ** in love face **

    Me: Lol… you were wonderful too

    Amanda: Thanks sugar boy… you will never regret having me around.

    Me : Thanks… Goodnight.

    Amanda: Sleep tight mah sugar boy **kiss**

    I tiredly and lazily dragged myself to the bathroom for a shower, just a quick encounter with Amanda have taken such wild toll from me leaving my legs a bit wobbly under me.

    “Should i tell Jessy?” I asked myself in the bathroom ignoring the spraying cold water that caressed my body, through the shower tickling down my body like it was a race.

    “Oh nooooo i can’t, Jessy will not be happy about it at all, their is not even any need for her to know, it’s not like i will continue to do this with Amanda” Somehow i knew deep down i was lying to myself.

    I dropped myself on my bed on getting out of the bathroom and travelled to disney land of wonderland. ** ** **

    “Nnam, wake up” A faint voice called out to me, mild but it was broad and definitely baritone with a lot of familiarity.

    Everything was dark in my eyes but my lazy eye lids slowly slid open giving my iris the task of adjusting to the bright light beams that filtered its way my eyes.

    Papa’s form slowly took shape as i rubbed sleep off with the back of my eyes, slightly angry to be woken up and still needing to return back and finish my dreams that bombarded me in pure Dstv-like HD.

    Papa was wearing a long flowing white agbada that seemed to make his pitch dark complexion a bit fairer and a traditional red cap on his head, He looked nice but he always does’ i reminded myself.

    “Nnam am going out now, won’t you go to school today or is today a public holiday? Papa asked me in igbo, dropping a crisp slim wad of neat mint #1000 naira notes on my bed, am sure it was more than 4.

    “Good morning papa” I yawned, stretching my long frame on the bed as i reached for my phone, a white iphone4 that lay tiredly on the far side of my bed.

    Papa walked out after telling me to get up and prepare for school.

    Papa might be a politician and all but he definitely was a mother and a father to jessy and i at home.

    “That sad and guilty feeling overtook me again looking at papa who treats me more than a mother can and i am paying him back with bleeping his wife.

    I glanced at my phone still with lazying eyelids, the figures 9:43 clearly showed on my screen.

    “d##n!!!” I blurted out, sprang up from the bed directly to the bathroom with Usain bolt speed, the lingering sleep in my eyes vanished

    “Oh my God!!! i over overslept and i have a morning quiz today” I hurried over a cold shower and managed to muster some fast clean up.

    Sliding the #5000 papa dropped on the bed into my wallet, i grabbed my back pack and walked down stairs clad in a black jean, and yellow t- shirt.

    Surprisingly papa was still in the sitting room talking with Amanda laughing as i entered…

    “Shiiitty love” I Cursed under my breathe.

    “Good morning ma” I greeted Amanda taking a quick scan of her in a long gown that hugged every part of her body provoking every contour, curves and that wicked s#xiness of her body. Could see papa wearing an ear to ear grin, that type that makes you look as mumuish as a cartoon character.

    “Good morning sky” Her silky milky voice was thrown back to me, with that look in her eyes that seemed to be fixed more on my crotch area than my face.

    I entered the dinning to hurry over a light breakfast of chocolate drink and bread, downing my food with my ears still on the fading cracking laugh of papa who was reluctantly taking his leave through the front door.

    “Nawa oo papa wont work again because of a girl” I hissed still minding my breakfast.

    Amanda’s light foot steps made me look up towards the sitting room as i was leaving the dinning to catch up with papa so he can drop me off.

    Amanda took hold of my shirt and drew me a bit roughly towards her making me tilt my head a bit downwards..

    Her lips grabbed mine with that same roughness her hands exhibited with her tongue intruding into mine making me sub-consciously take my hands behind her back as i forcefully pushed her more into me, her beautiful b0*bs crashing against my skin just a little below the chest.

    “See you when you get home sugar”…she whispered into my ears sounding like a song.

    The kiss broke and i rushed out to meet papa but deep within me i knew


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    Episode 8

    School seemed like an alien planet to me as i entered with a moronic frame of mind that was only fixed on Amanda.

    The rabbles and dabbles and market like environment and behaviours students exhibited;

    some could be seen gisting and laughing shouting with reckless abandon.

    Many were busy ingesting reddish brown buns washed down with bottles of pepsi or other mineral drinks.

    I just wonder if those guys dont eat breakfast at home or they just like eating buns and mineral drink.

    Girls clad in different exotic dresses with over exaggerated make-ups that helps some become even more uglier still leaving them with the impression that they look beautiful…

    “Sky! Sky!!” heared my name being yelled obviously not too close from me, it was a silky voice exhibiting sleek feminism.

    I turned round and saw Enem walking briskly towards me almost running, she was on a black jean tight leggings tucked into a rose like flowery top, her hips would make Nicky Minaj jealous

    Enem and i have been in one or two this and that, she was like a best friend to me in school but we have engaged in some s#xual escapades which was where i learnt never to mess with a calabar chick.

    She was dark complexioned with a face that would be awarded a C6 in beauty rating, but the things she lacked in facial beauty she made up in body beauty. those round b0*bs that never dropped even when freed from a bra, her hips that can be mistaken for fake resting on a leg we term as K-leg.

    “Sky this quiz might start anytime from now, come lets go in” she announced without even greeting me, giving me a slight wink as she pulled me by the hand and headed toward class.

    The quiz got little or none of my attention, i continued mopping blankly at my paper without seeing anything.

    Amanda sat at the center of my thought like a queen on her throne making me see her kiss me, the feel of her b0*bs on my chest tormented me.

    I managed to scale through the quiz, God knows what i will score in this d##n quiz.

    Had lunch with Enem at MAMA ONYI restaurant in school, i knew thats what she wanted from me all the while she clasped her hands around mine and followed me about school like a police proudly taking a criminal to cell.

    I rushed home after discharging Enem at last cus she actually seemed she was never gonna let me go… **That girl shaa**

    Through out the bus ride back home i could see myself meeting Amanda in the guest bathroom again but this time the things that would follow were very clear in my mind.

    “Oga Sky i am back? Ahmed asked with a smile obviously happy to see me.

    “No Ahmed i am not” i replied sarcastically making him let out a laugh that still sounded hausa-ish to me, exposing those yellow teeth evidence of consuming plenty white kola (goro).

    Hitting the compound with high speed of my legs, a strange white lexus jeep packed before Papa’s car pack, it certainly wasn’t papa’s.

    I pushed the door open as i was greeted with resounding laughter of two women in our sitting room.

    A lady seemingly in her early 30’s sat with Amanda, she was beautiful but her body structure was in current mercy johnson’s category when it comes to size.

    Both women fixed their eyes on me as my facial expression was drifted from that of anxiousness and horniness to disappointment.. **Who dah f##k brought this woman here**

    “Good afternoon” i threw a cold greeting at both the women, eyeing Amanda who smiled at me.

    “Nancy baby.. thats Johnysky my husbands son” Amanda announced.

    “Hey Johny how are you?” Nancy asked running her eyes all over me with slow interval blinks.

    “Am fine ma” i muttered almost to myself taking my leave of both as i walked to my room “which kind winch be this one na, just spoil all my plans” i hissed..

    “Hmmm this your step son is handsome” i could hear Nancy tell Amanda who just laughed.

    Annoyingly Nancy stayed till almost 4 in the evening which left me no choice but to pick up my ball and kit and head out for my basketball practise, leaving them at home still gisting like it is not two of them gisting for more than 2hours now,** nonsense.

    I knew Papa would be home by the time i get back.

    “Mtcheeeeew stupid day”……

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    Episode 9

    On coming back home after my basketball practise, i was clad in a white basketball short with a white Los angeles lakers basketball jersey and a white head band branded with miami heat logo, for my mind i was feeling like lebron james with my ball in hand.

    I walked past Ahmed who didn’t bother engaging me in any conversation, he knew i was tired. But still he didn’t fail to call me “Oga Sky” beaming a smile at me very colourful with that yellow teeth.

    The evening was a bit hazy, as twilight slowly gave way to full blackness of a young night.

    I peered through the hazy dim twilight but the white lexus jeep was no longer there anymore.

    “Better, she have left. No you for stay more naa”

    But as i got closer to the car park, Papa’s huge black infiniti jeep was packed outside.

    I tiredly dragged myself inside wearing a long face and hungry to the marrows.

    Papa was on the couch watching NTA boring news as usual with his bare stomach protruding like that of a heavily pregnant woman but only that papa’s is broad and not pointed like that of a typical pregnant woman..

    “I wonder what attracted Amanda to this man physically, nawa ooo”

    “Good evening Dad” i greeted halting in the sitting room to greet papa who smiled as he looked back.

    “Nnam welcome, nnoo” papa intoned in igbo, giving me that usual smile that i always like to see.

    Could hear clanging sounds of wares from the direction of the kitchen and i knew She was in the kitchen cooking..

    Dinner was uneventful and unbearably boring, papa always warned i and jessy never to speak while eating so i had to endure listening to them talk all this trash that i don’t even find funny but yet they laugh.

    Amanda kept on stealing glances at me, as i silently and hastily downed my plate of ede soup soup wedded with semovita.


    “Leave the door to your room open” a whatsapp message from my step mum read, making me smile evily as my fingers worked on a reply.

    “It have never been locked” i replied accompanying it with a naughty devil smiley.

    Throwing my phone careless on the bed, i jumped on it stretching my whole frame to cover the bed, looking down occasionally at my semi-hard junior sky below as my mind worked on the possibilities of the night.

    Until unknowingly and involuntarily i was dragged by nature to dream land…

    I could feel a warm sweet sensation on my thighs and somewhere that feels like my D##k.

    It was both cold and warm but a little more intense that both.

    My eye lids lazily worked itself open, could make out little shapes in my room.

    The bright coloured white wall with golden stiff curtains covering each window, the yellow glow cast by the electric bulb beaming down on me.

    I took my face to my crotch area where the strange sensation that woke me up was coming from.

    Amanda was on my D##k and i could see her lips wrapped round it as she sucked on it.

    “Oh my Gawd. Is this real life or is this one of the dreams” i questioned myself looking down at her with mouth agape, eyes slightly closed yet their was no sleepiness in them anymore.

    Her face tilted up, she gave me a relaxing smile and asked me to lie back.

    I did as commanded still looked down at what she was doing.

    The way she l####d the tip, then l##k all the way through the side then junior sky would disappear into her mouth only to appear again when she lifts her face taking her lips along leaving my D##k shimmering under the glow casted by the light.

    my toes curled hard as i grabbed the bed post hard clenching my teeth as she mesmerized my life with her magic.

    “Oh i love you” I started speaking in tongues making her chuckled in a muffled tone induced by the meat in her mouth.

    She moved up and crawled on top of me bringing her face to mine and her lips found mine, her tongue delved into mine as i sucked on it and her hand wanked on my D##k sub-consciously.

    “Just relax and enjoy the ride” She whispered into my ears as she slowly slid off the nightie short she was wearing and there u have it, she was not even wearing panties.

    Her p###y lips seemed swollen and it wasn’t hard to notice little shimmering of it due to her juices.

    She got on top of me with junior sky pointing upwards like my oga at the top.

    Seating astride me she positioned my D##k at the entrance of her p###y making me moan out in anticipation with my legs jerking like its been hit.

    She grabbed my hands and dragged them up to those two beautiful twins on her chest, i attacked them as ferociously as possible with my brains now obviously on a trip to south africa.

    Her warmness engulfed me, my face turned pale as i felt her slowly lower her self onto my D##k.

    A slight groan escaped my throat making me her smile as she began to ride me.

    My eyes closed and opened at interval like Nigerian nepa, my toes curled and my heart beat increased to 100beat per minute.

    I watched my D##k disappear and appear as she bounced up and down on me, moving her hips in a circular and kelewa-ish way.

    She was fully in possession of me, my mind and body have been possessed fully by this lady and i don’t see any hope of escape.

    My groans became faster and a bit louder which she muffled by placing her hands over my mouth.

    “Ur dad is sleeping” she whispered to me flashing that spell casting naughty smile.

    I was forced over the edge immediately, my whole body convulsed and quaked.

    My toes curled hard and my legs shook without control as i blew my load.

    Electrifying waves of orgasmic lightning surged through my spine making me clench my teeth hard.

    She slowly slumped down into me and her lips found mine again in another explosive kiss leaving me breathless.

    “I have to go now” she announced immediately as she slid off me, entered my bathroom and emerged a minute after with her nightie short back in position.

    I watched her bundle her angelic heavenly heavy blissful bumz out, blew a kiss to me at the door and disappeared into the hall way.

    5 minutes later a whatsapp message entered my phone and it was her;

    “You are the best my baby… I will give you 30k tomorrow to do whatever you like with…Goodnight” **kiss smiley**

    wooow 30k no be moi-moi” my mind leaped as i smiled to myself…leaping myself up in my lying position

    Then all of sudden that odd melancholy feeling over took me again..

    “What dah heck are you doing Sky???”

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    Episode 10

    “What am i doing?”

    “Am i not going deeper into this than i should?”

    “Can i ever free myself from this sweet poison that have corrupted my entire being in the shackles of unbound lust and desires?”

    What about my papa?”

    This questions ladened my heart as i mopped at a crisp wad of 1000 naira notes 30 in number as it rested on my bed looking back at me with the two heads of those guys seeming to smile directly at me.

    “Why don’t you just forget all this useless guilt and nack this lady maga since she is ready to give money, open office for im head” an alien thought countered the rush of guilty conscience that swayed around me.

    I picked up the money, waved it a bit and smiled to my self, how many people gets this in a month but i just got it within a few hours even after getting a blowjob and a s#xy goddess riding my shaft. I think i have to play this game to the fullest.

    My phone blinked and vibrated snapping me out of my money gripped smirk.

    A whatsapp message from an unsaved number stared back at me.

    number: Hello sky

    me: Hi

    **viewed the pic, it was a lady with a strange and familiar face that i couldn’t even recall where i have seen before**

    me: Goodpm, please who is this?

    number : lol.. so you cant remember you dumb boy… its me nancy ur step mothers friend.

    Me: oh sorry ma. ** and why is she sending me a whatsapp message, where exactly did she get my number or could it be that Amanda gave her my number**

    Nancy went on to explain how she stole my number from my step mum’s phone without her knowing, that she just loves me naturally and would want to be close to me.

    Strangely i already knew what she wanted, and am sure Amanda must have relayed to her my escapades with her.

    And now another married lady wants me to come and bleep her, the worse is that she is not even as beautiful as i want.

    “Nnam.. bia (come)” i heard papa’s voice call out to me, surely from the sitting room.

    Papa was adorning a green crisp flowing agbada, that shimmered and made crispy noises when he moved his hands to take the over sized flowing hands upwards to the top of his shoulder.

    A cap that goes to one side of the head made from the same material as the cloth hung on his head, making me look harder to see if i can notice any yoruba tribal marks on him too.

    Amanda was adjusting the clothes and stretching it here and there and papa’s big fat hands found solace at her back resting on her bumz and a familiar mumu-like grin covering his face.

    “Good morning dad” I announced, papa didn’t even see me when i joined them. ** how could he, when his hands are resting on top of heaven itself**

    “Nnam you are here… ” he retorted casting a lustful look at amanda who didnt even move an eyelash to show she knew i was there. “i thought you are talking to me, why look at her” i queried papa in my mind. it was obvious enough that those a#s have got papa chained too.

    “Good morning ma” i threw at amanda amanda making sure my eyes met hers.

    Her white satin-like short dress that was a bit too tight at the waist region and flowwy just at the thighs like a miniature version of ballerina dress with full red rose designs, but a greater part of her those one million thighs were visible.

    **no wonder this man open teeth like mumu**

    “Good morning sky” she replied casting a lustful look at me buttered in a smile.

    “Nnam i am going abuja now, the state governor is going on a trip to see the president………….**The rest i heard was governor this and president blah blah blah, senators, chairman bla bla and blah**

    what made this man think am interested in any political mumbo jumbo.”

    “We will be there for three days so i will be home on monday” Papa continued.

    “Please take care of your mum for me” aaaah now this one i heard clearly, i smiled to myself.

    “am gonna take real good care of her” my heart leaped and shouted… and we the expression on Amanda’s face am sure she wasn’t from what i was thinking.

    Hitting my room with full speed i landed on my bed with a thud making the bed groan .

    “This three days is gonna be heaven” i said out loud with an evily laugh, raising two clenched fist in the air like C.ronaldo when he scores a fantastic goal.

    My phone shrieked in a loud ring, looking at it am sure it was the same number that sent me a whatsapp message making me shrug and roll ma eyes.

    “Hello ma”

    “Sky please dont call me ma, just call me nancy” her overly exaggerated slim voice sang back from the ear piece.

    “ok nancy” i said blushing even tho she wasn’t with me.

    “Can you come to Confidential hotel in ogui road tomorrow morning being saturday” her voice blurted out sending an electric wave of slight tingle down my spine.

    **Hotel kwa!!**

    “Just come to room 213 by 9am, please dont keep me waiting unless you wouldn’t want the iphone6 i just got for you” she said with a slight chuckle.

    Just the mention of iphone6 made me feel like throwing my iphone4 away or smashing it against the wall.

    “What? an iphone6?” I asked her back to be sure it wasn’t something else she said.. only for her to laugh and say “yes babe, just saw it and thought you would love it”

    **Babe kwa!!!**

    “Ok i will there ma.. sorry nancy” am sure it was the iphone6 that said that and not me.

    I am well aware of what nancy wants but even if nancy is not too hard to resist, iphone6 definately is impossible for me to resist.

    I will be the first in my group of friends to have one …

    “Should i go for the iphone6 or not?”

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    Episode 11

    Amanda pounced on me immediately papa left.. she has seen him off to the car rubbing his back as he walked to his car, turning at interval to talk something else while i can see her gesturing him to keep going.

    I watched from my room as dad reluctantly entered his black coloured mean infiniti jeep and drove off but not after collecting some kisses from his wife.

    I watched amanda walk back to the house as papa’s car slowly taxied out of the compound and ahmed throwing a staggering salute at him.

    **as governor or what… duurrr…lol**

    I walked down stairs just as Amanda walked through the front door into the sitting room beaming with smiles.

    She jumped on me squarely with both of her legs wrapping round my back and hands clasped tight around my neck.

    On a normal circumstance i would have fallen backwards and flat on my back but this time even Samson or Hercules could not compare the strength.

    I held her and maintained my stand with two of my hands crossing behind her back grabbing both of her a#s cheeks with my palm holding the firm round butts and keeping her up on me.

    Her lips dug into mine immediately pushing deep into my lips as her tongue intruded into every corner of my mouth with both of her eyes shut tight.. The rush of bl0*d that responded to the stimulus my brain was bombarded with as my D##k sprang to life being pumped with hot bl0*d.

    Our lips remained locked with my hands still squeezing those a#s tight and fingers straying a bit into the promise land, smooching and provoking her p###y through the flimsy material she wore

    I slowly walked to the biggest couch in the sitting room slumping down on it, she now sat astride me with both of her legs resting on each side of the coach and my back leaning relaxingly on the couch still absorbing the shock the touch of her lips induced on my body as she kissed away with lustful abandon.

    my palms grabbed her a#s once again, squeezing them tight and lifting the flimsy gown she wore as i rubbed her a#s which were now in a pant that barely spread to 30% of her a#s area.

    my hands strayed from her a#s upwards to the front taking hold her b0*bs still clad inside the gown but definitely no bra stood between me and total bliss.

    could feel her waist moving to and front crushing her crotch against my dickson which now formed a tent inside the large basketball short i was wearing.

    my hands slowly slipped the flimsy sleeves of the dress off her shoulder with those out of the world b0*bs peering at me with a broad ‘hello’ look knocking my brains over to the back as they stood on her chest like mountains of avalon with the slightly dark auroras gracing it.

    Her lips slipped down to the trunk of my neck filling it with little kisses as her hand yanked on my shirt pulling it up roughly in a bid to off it.

    I raised my hands up for her and my shirt was lost within a second seeing her throw it as far away as she could.

    Her lips attacked my chest taking my small perky n#####s in her mouth twirling round it and sucking on it with my hands rubbing her p###y through her panties.

    Her hands slowly strayed and journeyed down to my short rubbing dickson through my shorts making me gnash my teeth with my eyes shut air tight.

    Her hands pulled down my short with me rising a bit to ease the transition of my boxer from my waist down to my knees as dickson sprang out like a liberated prisoner.

    Her eyes popped a bit, watched her slowly move to the side of the couch, her soft silky cold hands wrapped around my shaft casting a peering look at it.

    I watched as her mouth slightly opened and descended down on my shaft, taking it deep into her mouth as far as it could go.

    The whole bones in my body cracked and stretched with my mouth open but a weird sack covered my vocal cord.

    my hands journeyed back to her a#s grabbing them hastily, i rubbed her slit again with my fingers, shifting her panties to the side and my finger disappeared into her slit.

    Could hear muffled moans from her as she worked her lips up and down my shaft, while my finger went in and out of her with her juices covering my hands.

    The muffled moans she gave out, with the sight of her soft mouth around my shaft, her a#s shot out in the air as my hands dug in and out with slight slurping sounds escaping from the p###y and the warm feel of that mouth working me like a lollipop all sent my toes curling in an intense manner, heartbeat increased by 2beat per second and bl0*d pressure rising more than normal.

    She rises releasing junior sky from the torture she subjected it to.

    Junior sky was nodding as she slipped out of her panties.. it was a pink lacy pantie with white ribbon at the front.

    She sat astride me now with my shaft positioned just at the entrance of her p###y waiting for her to descend on it, my whole body vibrated at the anticipation of what was following the next second.

    “Was that a knock?” She blurted out immediately looking back at the door.

    “No how can… its not a knock” i moaned resuming my kiss on her neck and my hands working her b0*bs.

    Kom! kom!! kom!!! the door roared at it sounded like banging this time.

    “Oh s##t . . . that’s definitely a knock” I retorted.

    Amanda’s head was turned towards the door as she stared at it, i could see a lot of anger on her face and am sure she would definitely have shot the person at the door if she had a gun.

    “Who is that?” I barked betraying the anger i entertained within me cus of the rude interruption.

    “Shut up you idiot, it is me JESSY”

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    Episode 12

    “chisooos” i jumped up pulling up my short and scampering around the sitting room for my shirt.

    Amanda who looked a bit clueless and disappointed, ran upstairs to Papa’s room with her panties in her hands.

    I had many things to worry about; My shirt was in Jupiter and my hard big very visible erection.

    “Sky what is it naa, come and open this door na” Jessy’s voice came again sending more confusion into my head.

    I was scampering left and right but achieving nothing in particular, my erection still showed and i only managed to hand my shirt on my shoulder before cracking the door open for Jessy.

    “Sky whats wrong with you, why did you take all that time before opening the door? She queried casting a peering questioning look at me. I always wonder if she is trying to look into my mind when ever she looks at me that way. Their was this one time i lied to her, after she gave me that look for complete 2minutes without uttering a word i blew out all the truth to her.

    “Sky talk na… Cat got your tongue?” Her voice came yet again with those mind piercing looks still on me.

    “uuhm ..eeehm i.. i was doing press up” My stammering voice uttered out looking back sheepishly at Jessy who seems as if she already knows what i was hiding.

    “When did you become a stammerer eeh sky. why exactly did it take you that long to open that door” she came yet again this time her eyes moved down to my crotch area then rises to my face as those mind reading gaze intensified on me.

    Beads on sweat ran down my face, Jessy always had a way of finding out what she wants from me than anyone else, even the FBI would be jealous.

    Its like she knows me in and out more than i even know myself.

    Just a look from her will make me betray my deepest secrets.

    **mtcheeeeew i hate being a twin**

    “nothing biko, i just told you i was exercising” I threw back at her trying to laugh when no one have said anything funny, Only got Jessy even more curious.

    “Hiaaan sky how many times have i seen you exercise in this house, here is now a basketball court?” I felt as if her hands could pierce my mind, bring out the information she needed and i shuddered at the thought.

    “Bia skybeauty ozugo (its ok)” I forced out, trying to cover everything up, if this girl keeps interrogating me like FBI now, i fear i might tell.

    “Jessy!!” thats definitely Amanda’s voice.

    Amanda walked down the stairs with a broad smile on her face, no make up and was now clad in a blue trousers with a red top above, those b0*bs shaa… Ever wondered how girls could repackage wella within a twinkle of an eye.

    I could feel Jessy’s eyes look from me to Amanda then to me again and Amanda again.

    “Hope say this girl is not aware oo, but she cant naa she be winsh?” I assured myself sub-consciously giving a slight nod in affirmation to my thoughts.

    “Good afternoon aunty” Jessy sang out, with a smile on her face as amanda came and they clasped in a light hug.

    Ok even tho Jessy knows me inside out, i can still say i know her well enough to know that smile she was wearing wasn’t real but none the less i thanked Amanda for showing up when she did cus i can’t vouch for what could have happened if she didn’t.

    I sheepishly carried Jessy’s bag to her room with my hands around her neck as we walked to her room, Amanda have disappeared into the kitchen to make lunch i guess.

    Am sure Jessy still didn’t trust the answers i gave her but she stopped pushing for the time being am sure

    . I asked her about school and about Chioma; Her roommate in school who is kinda obsessed with me, haven’t met her tho but she asks about me more than my own girl friend.

    Their is never a time Jessy comes home without something from chioma, and their is no one that beats the amount of messages i get from chioma on whatsapp.

    “Your wife is fine ooo, she even gave me a wrist watch for you” Jessy laughed out, she have always wanted to set me up with chioma tho i maintained aloofness.

    Heading back to my room, i banged the door shut and fell down back first on the bed.

    “Why dah heck did Jessy have to show up when she did?” why didnt she delay about an hour or two” I lamented.

    I was a bit happy Jessy didn’t bust me or find out what happened but honestly i wont forgive her for appearing when she did and spoiling everything for me **mtcheeeeew** she didnt even tell me she was coming home.

    Anyways i have an iphone6 to get tomorrow, atleast that is something to smile and look forward to.

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    Episode 14

    I finally got through the night riddled with countless hisses and mussing, turning on my bed here and there with the images of the day flashing on my mind, of course the thought of Jessy was always there to scare me out of Amanda’s thought anytime it comes to mind.

    The morning was bright and sunny, it was one of those mornings that the sun visited before dawn, beaming down bright golden rays that pierced through my room windows beaming into my eyes.

    Getting up i weakly reached for my phone, probably the first thing i do each morning.

    15Missed calls and 2messages were on my notification window from Nancy; You guessed right.

    “Chimoooo” i shouted as the digit 11:15am looked back at me from the phone screen.

    I have stayed awake all through the night and i must have drifted off to sleep before the wee hours of morning.

    I dialed Nancy’s number and she picked at first ring.

    “Sky why are you keeping me waiting and why are you not picking my calls?” She barked in a strange calm manner.

    “Am so sorry, i couldn’t sleep last night so i overslept this morning?” I confessed.

    “And why didn’t you sleep last night, what were you doing?” She asked sounding obviously suspicious.

    “Nothing i will be there in 30minutes” I dropped the call rushing to the bathroom immediately.

    In less than 10minutes i was already heading out the house clad in a brown coloured pencil jean and a white T-shirt with a brown coloured Swed shoes.

    Zooming past Jessy and Amanda who didn’t even bother asking where i was going i walked out of the house certain that i would return as an upgraded big boy.

    I entered the Confidential hotel premises met with a friendly and beautifully charming receptionist who attended me professionally and with occasional flirting smiles.

    Noticed her gestures changed when i told her i was heading for room 213 and she called the intercom to confirm.

    Certain she had her eyes on me until i disappeared into the hall way that led to room 213 as directed by her.

    A bright red brownish door stood before me with the number 213 engraved in a silvery rectangular plate.

    With a trembling unsure hand i gave the door a gentle knock and pushed it open at the command of a faint voice that said “Come in” almost immediately.

    The room was painted bright milk colour, whitish-yellowish light beamed down from the light bulbs giving it a golden look.

    the exquisite furnishing of the room confirmed my suspicion of how stinking rich Nancy or maybe her husband must be..

    Nancy was resting on a king sized bed covered in immaculate white sheets, she was clad only in a white lacy thong and a blue coloured bra that barely could hold her b0*bs that lay hugely in them. Rumpled stomachs laying tiredly below giving me hints she must have kids at home.

    Junior sky nodded underneath relishing the sight that lay before me intensifying as Nancy rose from bed and walked to me sending my eyes feasting on her obviously large mound that the thong barely covered.

    She grabbed my neck and drew it down to herself and her lips locked into mine with her hands pushing me roughly more into her. she smelt like rose and i loved that scent very much.

    I pushed her down into the bed roughly as i yanked off my shoe and shirt, kicking out my trousers and slowly climbed the bed with only my boxer with junior sky now threatening to tear it open and escape.

    our lips met again this time twirling with speed and my hand working to unhook her bra setting loose two huge and slightly sagged b0*bs that appeared full and soft.

    My lips journeyed down to her neck as i attacked with nibbling soft kisses sending moans flying out of her mouth and my hands trying hard to cupped those b0*bs in while i gave them soft squeezes encircling the n#####s with my fingers with occasional pinches.

    She tore off her thong and reach for my boxer pulling it downwards and grabbed junior sky furiously working her hands up and down my dickson making it throb harder in appreciation.

    “Sky please bleep me now, please” She pleaded with a lot of lust and desperation being betrayed by her facial expression.

    The way she lay down slowly on the bed, opening her legs wide making her large mound stare back at me with her juices decorating it.

    Junior sky lost it’s bearing and switched off my brain, i kicked off my boxer entirely grabbing those massive laps with a slapping sound accompanying it. I plunged deep into her s######g my dickson all the way at first t####t.

    Her mouth flew open and sang loud sound tracks into my ears as i brought out junior sky all the way out and in again.

    Nancy’s hands grabbed my butt pushing me deeper and harder into her and pulling me down at interval for a kiss.

    Her slit was tighter than i expected judging from the external size but in no way can it be compared to Amanda’s in terms of tightness, Amanda was heaven.

    I pounded her as hard and long as i could go, with every iota of moan from her pushing me closer to the edge, she was a screamer tho.

    I went in and out of her slit liberating more juice in the process and inducing a bone breaking orgasm on both of us which took her about 1 minute to recover from the shaking and body shivering.

    “Wooow sky you are wonderful” She commented with exposed teeth and grinning lips as we both lay naked on the bed.

    She reach for the other side of the bed and handed me a small white carton of an iphone6.

    I couldn’t contain my joy; I almost celebrated like a footballer when they slide over the edge of the field on their knees.

    I jumped, laughed, kissed and thanked her as i hurriedly swapped my sim from my poor iphone4 to the 6, after all it was the igbos that said ‘Anuta agbogho, atufuo agadi’ (If you marry a young girl, you discard the old ).

    I ended up having another round with Nancy, this time it was out of happiness and appreciation.

    Lying relaxingly naked on the bed after the round, exhausted with nancy’s arms placed on my chest rubbing them smoothly, i was busy getting acquainted with my new phone.

    Then a sudden weird knock on the door and at the same the door flinging open and;

    An image of Amanda, my step mum walked in through the door.

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    Episode 14

    Rushing home as fast as i could, i zoomed past ahmed who was still in the process of raising his hand in the air and shout “Oga sky”, this time before he could utter “O” i was already in front of our door .

    Jessy was not in the house, her room was my first port of call on arriving home.

    I headed for my own room, dropping my phones on the bed collapsed my weight on the bed hearing it give out a soft creaking groan.

    My face was on my palms, and my eyes fixed on the two phones that lay before me. The iphone6 dwarfing my iphone4 by a couple of inches, its shiny gold colour was more than beautiful.

    “Have you seen what you have caused me?” I questioned the innocent phone that just seemed to ignore my question.

    My mind was drawn back to few minutes backwards as Amanda walked gracefully into the hotel room clapping her hands in a slow and steady rhythmized pattern which her high heel shoes giving a back up sound.

    The thunderous slap she landed on my face after i slipped into my boxer, got down from bed and wanted to muster an explanation that i don’t even know how that was supposed to work, but my predicament was beyond thinking.

    “You stupid boy” She barked gazing directly into my eyes, i could see her eyes getting a bit wet.

    Before i could say ‘wait’ another slap covered my face sending tiny sparks off my eyes.

    Nancy just stood there, covering her unclad body with the white bed spread mopping at Amanda with a pleading facial expression.

    “And you w###e. i thought you were my friend”, she calmly approached Nancy who stood just after the bed looking like a greek sculpture.

    My mind switched off to whatever they were saying, I wore back my clothes in a strangely slow manner stealing little glances at them just enough to see amanda pointing a shaking finger at Nancy who just watched with words flying out of her mouth. “Don’t ever come to my house again”.

    I picked my phones **I no go leave my sweet new phone na, i worked for it**walked out of the hotel room met again by the searching eyes of the receptionist who kept her eyes on me until i was out of the premises walking briskly, this was no time to think in my situation.

    “Sky! Sky!!… Come down here” Amanda’s voice thundered from the sitting room sending an unnecessary scare down my spine.

    I dragged myself down, eyes fixed on the floor.

    Her legs were thumping on the floor with hands akimbo, beads of sweat clearly showed on her face washing out her make ups. Her tank top clearly allowing some over contoured cleavage that seemed as if they were just peeping, the black leggings hugged her tightly, I don’t why but Amanda was still a goddess.

    “How could you?” She barked punching me on my chest.

    My vocal cord went dumb, i opened my mouth but no words could come out.

    “But why exactly is Amanda reacting this way, its not like we have any relationship going on or something” my heart yarned.

    “Am sorry” I managed to say even without knowing why and for what. If she could get hurt that i bleeped someone else that means she wont even allow me marry my own wife.

    “Shut up” she thundered with another slap landing squarely on my face making move back two steps.

    “Sky you don enter am today naa”

    Amanda shouted and barked clearly showing she was hurt and heartbroken. And the fact that this was my Step mum and not my girl friend gave me goose bumbs.

    My lust for material things have landed me to a point where i wish i never did all the things i did.

    Amanda snatched the iphone6 from hand, looked at it front and back with pouted lips and obvious contempt. one could think the phone was her enemy here and not me.

    “So sky it was because of this nonsense that you stooped so low to betray me like that. Why didn’t you come to me?”

    Amanda’s shrieking voice pierced my heart with scare and remorse and i dont even know why i should be sorry.

    Before another “Am so…” could make it’s way from the back of my throat to the tip of my lips amanda sent the phone to hell.

    A crashing sound followed by echoing resounds of tiny glasses filled my ears, my face was dragged downwards as i watched the debris with an apple logo, tiny bits of it could be seen scattered round the floor.

    “Chisooooooos!!!” i yelled with tears forming at the back of my head but it was impossible to shed.

    “Everything i worked for gone within seconds just before me”

    The scare i felt was replaced with anger, the sorry i felt became rage.

    Amanda stood there watching me, she was suddenly as calm as a lake, the lines that once filled her face was now gone taking her face back to the default setting.

    I was confused, angry and tired. I felt an impulse to slap Amanda to pieces but what will that achieve and papa would literally send me to hell fire if he finds out.

    My hands with a mind of it’s own grabbed amanda by the neck, a threatening blow pointing to her face.

    My hands were shaking, body was quaking and whole body now drenched in a sudden sweat that felt alien.

    My words were lost, Amanda’s eyes were filled with remorse and fear of what might follow.

    “Sky stop it!” Thats a new voice totally and am sure amanda coudn’t say it with my hand on her neck.

    I titled my face sharply to the direction of the voice and Jessy stood there, mouth open, eyes filled with searching surprise, fear and questions.

    “Sky i said stop it” Jessy shrieked again this time looking directly into my eyes.

    my hands lost their grip on Amanda, i walked over to Jessy with my tearful eyes looking at her can see hers to where becoming tearful too.

    I wish i could just tell her everything and unshackle myself from all this, i wish she could just hug me now and tell me to calm down.

    I could hear faint sound of Amanda’s voice uttering “Am sorry”.

    “I am going back with you on monday to nsukka” I announced to Jessy with those searching eyes trying to read my thoughts again.

    Ignoring Amanda, i left both of them in the sitting room and matched up to my room.

    I hated my life now.

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    Episode 15

    “Sky whats wrong. . . talk to me” Jessy asked for the 1000th time betraying a lot of curiosity and slight scare.

    I lay wearily with my face on the bed and back facing the ceiling and jessy’s hand on my back and her figure seating on the edge of the bed.

    “Sky do you now keep secrets from me, what happened between you and aunty?” Jessy’s voice exhibited some unsure tone that made it obvious she was afraid of what ever it is that was happening.

    “That woman is a b#####d” I blurted at her with clenched fist, eyes blazing like a wild forest fire.

    “Please Jessy leave me alone for now”

    The remaining of that Saturday was stale, the house was dull and reeked of grave silence.

    I kept to myself, no cracking laughter between i and jessy as usual neither were their any sound of music from the home theater.

    Amanda’s flirting glances were left unreturned though this time it was more of a sorry glance than flirting.

    Could make out the sorry face she wore made worse by the now seemingly ridiculous make-ups she had on **maybe because no be better eye i take deh look am **

    Sunday morning started on a more similar stale manner, Jessy never bothered coming to my room.

    Only countless sms and whatsapp messages from Nancy made my day even more miserable than it already was, somehow i blamed her for this happening.

    A slight knock on my door jolted me up a bit, skybeauty never knocks on my door.

    “Who is that?” I commanded knowing fully well who it should be.

    “Its Amanda” She replied at the same time pushing the door open.

    Junior sky shouted as Amanda emerged clad only in a mickey mouse T-shirt that stopped just after the base of her a#s with those thighs seemingly even more charming.

    “Sky please am sorry” She began trying to look flirting but at the same time pleading in the eyes.

    “Please aunty not now, Jessy is at home” I intoned peering suspiciously at the door.

    “She has gone to church”

    “Please sky don’t go to nsukka i promise i will make it up to you, i regret breaking that phone am sorry please” Her hands was clasped like she was praying.

    “I have already told Jessy their is no way am going back on it” i intoned with every air of authority.

    **For my mind i was like ‘Choi sky see as e deh beg you like say you be governor**

    Amanda left after i made it clear i was going to nsukka with jessy, means this house will be unbearably bleaked for her being alone and bored and i loved the thought of that..

    And the fact that Joy came here yesterday after i stormed off my room immediately after the showdown and Amanda chased her away with a slap as jessy put it, made me even more furious and induced more resentment in me towards Amanda.

    Papa came home monday morning lighting the mood of the house a bit up with his croaky roaring laughter as he reeled out tales of how a senator farted while they were still with the president and how another couldn’t even sing the national anthem.

    “I wonder how those uneducated mallams became senators in this country when learned men like myself is insulted with local government chairmanship” He boasted to Amanda who did well to laugh at those unnecessarily unfunny jokes and even went to the extent of adding “Am sure you will be a senator soon” **Mtcheeeew dreamer**

    Jessy and i left for nsukka after papa consented even though he seemed clueless and unsure of my reasons for deciding to go with Jessy but it was clear he needed his privacy with his wife that’s why he didn’t think twice in giving me a go ahead squeezing a rumpled clump of a few thousands nairas into my hands.

    Getting to nsukka by 5pm, the whole scenario was suddenly changed to somewhat a bit cooler and unruffled.

    Jessy’s lodge was just a stone throw after the school gate outside campus with a gigantic black gate shackled in similar dark red fence.

    The compound was a bit tight with 5 separate small houses in similar colours only smeared with a fine touch of white.

    Bushy flowers bordered the houses giving them a secluded greenly appearance.

    We entered the 3rd house in the row which was Jessy’s, stepping inside i was greeted with a flash of white teeth, a female figure with a beautifully radiant face, decent curves and shapes but lacked slightly in height. she welcomed Jessy with a hug and then turned her attention towards me.

    “Hey sky, Its i Chioma” She announced offering her hands for a handshake.

    It was obvio she was expecting me ……

    Episode 16

    “Sky why are you doing this to yourself” Jessy’s voice thundered into my ears with a bang coming in a shrieking pitch.

    I cast a long stare at the bold sparkling transparent glass cup in my hand, the golden brown liquor sparkled and shimmered inside the cup.

    It has been 4 days since Chioma dropped our engagement ring. I have tried going to her house only to be stopped short by Hassan the second time under the directives of Chioma’s father.

    “You must open this gate today” I barked at Hassan charging towards him with clenched fist and tightened face.

    He was visibly shaking being intimidated by my towering 6’9height standing at 5’8ft himself with a tiny physique.

    “Oga abeg, na oga say make i no allow you” He sounded pleading, the sparkle in his eyes betraying his fear.

    “I don’t care Hassan, i can’t take it anymore” I barked banging both my hands and feet on the gate, hot dripping sweats covering my face dripping down to the crack my back smearing my ash coloured t-shirt.

    My bangs on the gate became louder with each passing minute, the sweats stepping out in a more bolder manner as the sun battered my face.

    Sitting down in front of the gate for a little more than two hours, i could make out people casting a suspicious look at me, some where pointing at shaking their heads.

    i over heard one remark “Oh who did this to this young man” betraying the fact that they were under the impression i was going nuts.

    Hassan’s eyes were popped out through the hatch, a remarkable look of pity written all over. * *

    “Sky i don’t like this thing you are doing one bit” Jessy thundered banging her hands on the long sitting room bar table.

    I had lost any reason to talk, i deemed it unnecessary, taking another long gulp of the liquor, i felt as a hot sensation travelled from the base of my tongue down to my abdomen.

    “Give me this cup” Jessy blurted out making for the glass cup in my hand, within seconds she had wrestled the extra-large glass cup from me and i heard it crashing on the floor in a shattering song.

    My head felt light and view blurred. i made for the almost finished bottle of henesy sitting a few inches from me only to get another shattering sound of breaking bottles as Jessy quickly pushed it out of the bar with quick reflex.

    “Sky you want to kill yourself right? . . Look at what you are doing to yourself trying to drink yourself to death because of Chioma. is this the end of your life?” She was barking at the top of her voice.

    her eyes wet and was almost ready to drop, depression was written all over her face and a sense of utmost concern and pity.

    I dragged myself up, couldn’t maintain my balance as my legs kept wobbling under me threatening to give way, the surrounding appearing to be in a uniformed spin.

    I staggered to the sitting room and slumped into a sofa. “Jessy just leave me alone for Christ sake” i groaned.

    I watched as Jessy paced around a bit, dipped her hand into her silvery sleek hand bag and brought out her phone, caressing the keypads as she dialed a number.

    “Hello Chioma” she sang into the ear phone still maintaining a depressed look smeared in a blank composure.

    “Oh please stop the pet names, see listen to me very carefully. If anything happens to my twin brother, I will never forgive you. Mark my words” She yelled into the phone then cut the call with a hard punch of the finger flinging the phone carelessly which luckily landed on a lone sofa beside me.

    Her depressed pitying look now turned red with anger with a little pinch of frustration.

    “Sky we have to go and see papa, he must be told of the latest developments”

    I threw a long stare at Jessy, it really might be a good idea, i shouldn’t carry this cross alone papa should know.

    Jessy made lunch for me with a cup of hot coffee after which i took a cold shower and slept off for the first time in days.

    The evening was gloomy and twilight appeared darker than normal. The compound looked deserted and cold as Jessy taxied the car inside with me seating on the passengers side watching Effiong struggle and wrestle while closing the gigantic gate.

    His small frame wrestling the gate was a kind of unadulterated amusement to me anytime i see it.

    Papa sat on his usual sofa in the sitting room, the t.v remote control on his hands as he toggled between A.I.T and it’s equally annoying counter part N.T.A.

    He has gotten leaner and paler than the last time i saw him and his whole physique appeared weak and feeble even though his wounds were almost healed.

    Good evening Papa” I greeted and Jessy’s almost immediately after mine.

    “Ooh Ejimam!!!” Papa intoned flashing the front part of his dental formula.

    His words sounded like he forced them out of his throat and exhibited a lot of weakness.

    “Nnam, You dont look well, what is the matter?” Papa asked almost immediately i sat on a sofa beside his, his eyes peered into my face both of them appeared to have gone deeper into his face due to his clearly visible cheek bones.

    “Papa, am fine” I said with a forced smile tilting my face out from the range of his face.

    “Nnam remember you are my son and i have watched you grow, i know when you are fine and when you are not. You cant lie to me”

    Papa’s gaze on me intensified, his breathe sounding loud as someone who just finished a marathon race.

    “Papa dont mind him, i brought him here because their is something we wanted to discuss with you” Jessy chipped in nodding at papa.

    Papa gave a consenting nod, leaning back unto the sofa his chest rose and fell hard and his mouth dropped a little open.

    “Papa are you alright?” Jessy asked standing from her seat placing her hands on papa’s head and chest.

    “Yes am fine Nne, please go to that drawer in my room, open that your mother’s old drawer, You will find a bag containing my medications” His words were even more forced out now.

    Jessy disappeared into the stair case, i kept on looking at papa who now closed his eyes relaxing into the sofa.

    I can’t believe papa turned this weak and lean like that but right here before my face he was slipping.

    “Sky! Sky!! Come up here!!!” I heard Jessy’s voice from the direction of Papa’s room.

    “What is it!!” i Yelled after her maintaining my seating position.

    “Just come up here this imbecile!!!” Her voice appeared even angrier and pissed.

    I sprang up from the seat and reluctantly made it up the stairs. Papa only peeked open his eyes, let out a weak smile and closed it again.

    “What is it eeehn??” i let out on getting into papa’s room, Jessy sat beside mama’s old desk holding up a little transparent plastic cup of medicine with little yellow tablets inside, her whole gaze were fixed on it.

    “What is it naaa??” I asked again getting closer.

    “Sky, look at this medicine, if this is what i think it is…” she was handing me the little plastic container.

    I looked at it for a little more than 2seconds, all i could see was just a bunch of little yellow tablets.

    “It’s just papa’s medicine jessy, what do you think it is” i asked handing her back the little container.

    “Sky if my guess is right these are Haimdal’s pills” She was sounding anxious and visibly sweating when the air was chilly to me.

    “Ok Jessy what’s Haimdal’s pills, do you think am also a doctor or what?”

    “Sky just shut up, Haimdal’s pills are very toxic pills, it slowly shrinks and kills the human organs which will inevitably result to the death of patient if administering is persisted” Her eyes were popped as she was still casting a cold look at the container.

    “How did it get into papa’s medicine then?” I asked a little pinch of fear sipping in.

    “I don’t know, it smells like it and looks like it, i will have to take this to the hospital tomorrow to check and be sure” She announced slipping it down her pocket.

    We went down to papa who still sat calmly with his eyes closed. All of a sudden appeared like he was dying to me.

    “Papa who brought those medicines for you?” Jessy asked going to seat beside papa while i sat opposite them looking on.

    “Nne it was Amanda, doctor called and she went and picked them up for me and she gives it to me as prescribed by the doctor on daily basis but she’s not home now” He said peering at Jessy.

    My heart skipped a beat immediately the name Amanda was mentioned.

    “Here papa, take this medicine tonight” Jessy said handing papa a satchet containing white tablets.

    “what about my medications nne” papa asked with confusion written on his look.

    “Don’t worry papa, dont touch them again i will go and see doctor and make a little adjustments in your medications and bring them to you myself tomorrow” she smiled at him throwing a blind wink at me.

    “Ok nne” papa smiled back.

    “Now nnam tell me what is it you wanted to” papa asked still smiling.

    I was reluctant not knowing if it was a good idea feeding papa such bad news at this moment. i looked at Jessy who gestured me to.

    I took time to narrate everything to papa, from Amanda’s sabotage to my supposed parents-inlaws, to her claim of Ryan being my son and lastly i and Chioma’s shaky and fizzling relationship culminating into a foggy wedding possibility.

    Papa slumped back into the seat again, he was strangely very calm.

    “I knew this may happen someday” He muttered to himself yet it was audible to i and Jessy.

    “I should have done this a long time ago before now” He sighed again.

    “Nnam do not despair, everything will be fine. i need to do what i should have done before, we are going for a DNA test”. He announced a lot of calmness and confidence written in his words.

    I just hope he is right that “everything will be fine”


    Episode 17

    “Oh sky, Jessy you are here” Amanda sang in with a chuckle emanating from her as she stepped into the house, Ryan hanging on her arms like he was tied there.

    My heart flew out and back again, Jessy’s face changed immediately. That former masked face that hides her contempt when she uses it.

    That was the same look she wore the day Papa first brought Amanda to us.

    “Welcome” We replied trying to appear all smiley from the way we exposed our teeth in something that can serve as a smile.

    “How is your father doing?” She asked making straight to papa who was just looking on with a smile.

    “Darling how are you” She addressed papa seating beside him on the edge of the sofa. Her hands placed warmly on his fore head and right hand rubbing his thighs.

    “Am fine my dear” Papa replied appreciating her with a smile.

    “I hope you have eaten and what about your medications have you taken that yet?” she asked again with a concern and care oozing out from her words.

    Jessy looked at me intently as we both looked on watching Amanda pet papa.

    “Yes Jessy made soup and i have taken my medicine. thank you very much dear” Papa said patting her back gently.

    “Uncle!!!” Ryan yelled slipping down from Amanda’s grasp and ran to me jumping into my body with reckless abandon.

    My stare skipped from Jessy to papa and then Amanda. The atmosphere was tense and a cloud loomed seeming to unleash a talkless rain.

    Papa let out a loud sigh buttered into a pinch of groan as he sat up.

    “Amanda please have a seat, their is something we need to discuss” Papa addressed her adjusting himself a little.

    I watched on as Amanda look intensely as papa then me, shrugs and heads towards a vacant sofa beside papa’s. * *

    “Williams family please come into my office!!” The doctor announced on the intercom as we all sat with other patients in the hospital waiting lounge.

    It was a day after our DNA test and the result was to be announced.

    The indifference in Amanda’s face when papa rebuked her about passing such news to Chioma’s parents was scary.

    Her aloofness as she just hung her face in her palms looking blankly as papa spoke out, though his voice sounded weak but the tone was nothing but serious.

    Still recall the way her eyes popped immediately papa mentioned that a DNA test was to be carried out to confirm Ryan’s paternity.

    Her eyes turned dim and look blunt. Papa’s stern warning still made me realize he still was the man he used to be deep down.

    “Listen to me carefully, If you destroys my son’s marriage with this your unfounded malarkey, you will see the other side of me”

    The unchanging smell of the hospital filled my nostrils as we entered into the hospital on the day we were to collect the result of the DNA test done the previous day.

    Papa walked on his on without using his usual walking stick, Jessy have changed all his medications and made sure she was always around to administer them.

    Amanda walked along Ryan who always tried to run ahead of the group.

    I stood behind saying silent prayers for the result to turn out negative. it may be a way to save my marriage and salvage the little shattered pieces of my life.

    Amanda was strangely very jovial and cheerful since the day began. she wore a smile from the very first minute she woke up.

    I had stayed in papa’s house from the day we came on Jessy’s request so that way one of us will always be available and watch papa’s health.

    She gently tapped a knock on my pushing it open almost immediately like she always does.

    “Good morning sky” She greeted with a smile the lip gloss she wore shimmering under the light *I wonder if she just wakes up and makes up immediately**

    Her exaggerated bumz made the mini flimsy gown she wore find it difficult to cover pass her a#s region even though she allowed one of the two tiny sleeves slip down her elbow.

    “Good morning” I replied feigning indifference but avoided any eye contact.

    “Sweety your breakfast is ready” she intoned giggling out forming a flirty smirk.

    The cold stern i shot at her without uttering a word was enough to show her words held no water even though it was obvious a lot of sarcasm was buried within it.

    The way she swayed her bumz in a very intense manner as she bundled herself out of the room taking each steps as slow as she could entertain still chuckling.

    Now that we are in the hospital, her hearty laughs and cheerful mood sold out a transparent confidence and it scared me to imagine what is according her such disheartening confidence.

    Jessy walked in into the hospital waiting lounge, her brisk hard strides were complimented by knocking sound her high heeled shoes made on the ceramic floor.

    “Sky, come here” She blurted out on getting to where i sat in the lounge dragging the edge of my shirt in a bid to drag me up. not even a hello to papa and amanda.

    “What is it Jessy” I asked on getting to a tight secluded corner where she dragged me to.

    Away from the hearing range of anybody in the lounge.

    “I gave those pills to Wilson, he confirmed that those pills are actually Haimdal’s pills just like i suspected” Her eyes blinked at more interval than normal.

    I was dumbfounded. my tongue went numb and throat felt like it was tied, only my face betrayed my look being subconsciously fixed at Jessy mopping on like a moron.

    “Sky it is either the doctor mistook those drugs for some other drugs or Amanda added those drugs to medications because Wilson doubts if any doctor would make such mistake” Her voice was shaky and cracked obvious fear emanating from it.

    I really hope their is a rational explanation this but the second possibility scared the be-jesus out of me.

    I and Jessy walked back to the lounge after agreeing to commence a close watch on Amanda. The doctor’s voice rang from the intercom just after i settled down with Jessy.

    The professional smart look on the doctor’s look with a set of exposed teeth same in colour with his flowing lab coat.

    He gestured us to seat down seeming like he was referring only to papa who sat down after a handshake with him.

    A brown envelope peeped out from the broad side pocket of his lab coat which he brought showing it to us closely.

    “This is the result to the DNA test we carried out on you people” He said while his hands worked on retrieving a slim folded white paper from the brown pack.

    “According to the result, the child’s deoxyribonucleic acid strand matches yours more” He intoned casting a look at me making it clear he was referring to me.

    My heart sank immediately, papa’s face maintained the smile it wore when we entered, Jessy sighed out and Amanda’s lips formed a one sided crooked smile.

    The doctor handed the white paper to me which i passed to Jessy after mopping at it for more than 60seconds without understanding anything else but the names written in a scattered alien-like handwriting typical of most doctors.

    Jessy looked at it, gave me a confirmative nod and folded it back.

    It is canon that Ryan is my child.

    Episode 18

    Her body glowed, under the dim deep blue light that hung hidden in the little square champaign room of the club.

    Faint music are heard mixed with shouts and howls of party-ers outside hitting the dance floor hard, the multi coloured rainbow beams casted by the disco lights around sipped in, struggling hard to find its way into the little champaign room.

    The liquid sitting lazily on my long slim glass sparkled with the dim blue lights, a sense of familiarity between i and the wine.

    I watched as her hands picked up the bottle of moet buried in a bucket of ice standing at a little table before me.

    “Let me fill your glass” she whispered into my ears making sure the warm breathe from her caressed my face.

    She gulped down another glass of the now bluish gold liquor, her shimmering body clad only in a yellow bikini now glowing neon due to the blue beams.

    A straight smooth legs with a high heeled shoe, hairless and shimmering ran straight up to a flawless thigh with only the bikini covering her mould.

    A flat stomach complimented a well deserved round bum in a descent hip. Relatively large b0*bs that rested heavily on a matching bikini top which barely covered 30 percent of her b0*bs letting out a lot of cleavage.

    Her hands ran from the base of my stomach up towards the capital of my chest, a tingling sensation surged through me, Was it the alcohol or the magic her fingers played on my chest.

    I could feel her tongue running up towards my neck, her hands now grazing the upper region of Junior sky giving it passive nudges to which strangely it responded weakly.

    My heart raced back to the events of a few hours rewind back in time.

    Amanda’s smile into my face as she walked pass heading out of the hospital lounge into the car park. She wore a smirk while taking slow comfortable triumphant strides. A copy of the DNA result was in her hand still in a brown enveloped which she didn’t bother to open owing to the fact the first copy already said it all.

    “Nnam, all will be well” Papa sang out on his way trailing behind Amanda, His eyes spoke exactly the opposite of his words.

    Philip was waiting beside the car to take them home.

    My hope of getting Chioma back was shattered and my chances with her was now slimmer than an indomie strand.

    Jessy showed total indifference about the whole thing, she was more concerned about the Haimdal’s pills found in papa’s medication.

    MY legs wobbled under me, eyes dim and wet, heart blank.

    I yanked the door of my car open, climbed into the bold seat of a heavy balanced TUNDRA. My head hurts but my heart hurt more.

    Banging a clenched fist into the center of the steering wheel, which just gave out corresponding beep of horns as my fist landed on it meting out my frustration on the innocent wheel which still didn’t seem to care.

    I dialed Chioma’s number severally to which she busied and ignored some without picking any. Jessy had gone home with papa and Amanda.

    I could make out curious eyes from the hospital surroundings fixed on my car, who wouldn’t check if you see a parked car letting out uncalled horns and bangs with the driver having a boxing bout with the steering wheel.

    Driving off with a death calling speed, i zoomed down to a Capitol bar just beside shoprite. Ordered for a few bottle of beers.

    Spent hours there, gulping down glass after glass of crispy beers which gave a lot of soothing warmth to my already troubled mind, white stick of cigarette with glowing red ends and flying out smokes tucked between my fingers. I have never taken one before but i could try anything that had a possibility of blanking out my mind from everything.

    Somehow i wish none of this ever happened, i wish i could just pinch myself and realized it was all a dream, that papa never married any girl called Amanda.

    “Hey you don’t look interested” A slim milky voice jolted me out of my obvious oblivious thoughts. Part of her hands were boldly resting on Junior sky and from the minty sensation on my mouth she must have been kissing me.

    The dim blue lights registered into my mind again, the curvely creature before me bathed in sandwiched beams from the blue bulb holes.

    She peered into my face, holding the side of my cheek with her hands. “Sir what is wrong?” She asked, curiosity buttered in a spread of concern masking her look.

    I have never seen such basic sense of responsibility from a call girl cum stripper in a club before.

    I entered the club after my long hours of staying alone in capitol bar with only bottles of liquor and sticks of cigarette and borrowed strange look from the attendants as companions.

    A heavily expensive club that plays host to expensive people hoping to catch expensive fun. It had an enormous supply of call girls on bikinis serving drinks and other things the customer might be interested in.

    Olumide was the one that introduced me to the club the very first time we met after i returned from london and this was my second time of being at the club.

    “Hey can i talk to you” I intoned at a curvy bootilicious girl clad in a yellow bikini.

    I was seated on the long bar seats as the bar tender mixed a shot of cocktail for me.

    The look he gave me with a wink and smile as he pushed the drink to me while my gaze watched the creature in a yellow bikini draw near.

    She wore a flirty look, and a mildly applied make-up unlike others in the club whose over exaggerated make-ups gave them a ridiculous look instead of adding a chunk of beauty.

    “How are you beautiful, Am sky whats your name?” I sang at her rubbing my hand through her shoulder.

    “Am licia” She said trying to achieve a flirty smile.

    “Hhmm beautiful name licia, and fits a beautiful girl like you” I flirted throwing down a large portion of the drink before me watching her blush.

    “Can i get a private service in a champaign lounge?” I shot at her casting a dirty look from the top of her body to her toes clad in high heeled shoes.

    “Alright” She intoned after almost a minute of silence which is really weird owing to the fact that she’s a call girl.

    “Sir you have seem very absent minded since you brought me into this champaign room, what exactly is wrong with you?” Licia’s voice was growing bolder.

    I slipped my hands into my pocket and displayed a ring before her, the little diamond tear on top of it glowing deep blue complimenting the light in the room.

    Could notice her eyes popped as she cast a long confused look at me and the ring.

    “She left me!” I blurted out bursting out in a sudden moan of intense emotion.

    “My life is a mess now” i groaned

    She watched keenly, then took her hands around my shoulder repeating papa’s exact words “All will be well sir. . tell me what happened?”

    I poured out every vital detail to her from the problem with Chioma to Amanda and my papa.

    She was a wonderful listener and just pouring what i tried to water down with alcohol gave me a more soothing sensation than all the alcohol’s i have taken.


    “Please call me sky” I interrupted her, my gazed still fixed at the ring in my hand.

    “Sorry, Sky. In life challenges must come, the waves of our past will haunt us and the tides may weigh us down but what makes a successful life is riding with the tides and letting the effect the waves of your pasts bring to be a bedrock to shape your future. What is yours is yours”

    I could hear Mama’s voice in her words and i trusted my mama’s voice and words more than anything.

    “Thank you licia, i really appreciate” I whispered dropping a huge wad of 50 thousand naira on the table, dragged myself up, a sharp thud on my head sent me crashing back down into the bed in the room.

    She jolted up asking what the matter was, the room was spinning round in a furious zig zag manner.

    “You are drunk sky, you cant go like this” she intoned looking down on me.

    I slipped my hand into my pocket again, fetched out my car keys, my head throbbed hard, furious headache engulfed me.

    “Please drive me home licia” i groaned out handing her the car keys in my hand.

    Licia went back to the back room where the call girls change, appeared back within a few minutes now clad in a jean trouser and top, took the key from me and guided me back to the car park.

    The alcohols i had taken were taking a wild toll on me.

    Watching my gate slide open immediately a figure of my newly hired gate man saw the headlights of my car approaching, a few drops of peace were dropped in me.

    Licia parked the car just before the house, hurried over to the other side to guide me into the house as i staggered down from the seat.

    “SKy!!!” A very familiar voice shrieked just in front of my door.

    The white florescent light in the front door showed the figure brightly.

    Chioma was standing in front of my door, it was obvious she had been seating there since she didn’t have the keys anymore.

    I watched as her face turned from the look of surprise she wore when she yelled my name to a tearful one. she walked briskly past me the groaning cries from her now audible, Licia just stood beside the car looking on with a blank eyes.

    “Chioma!!” I yelled after her looking on with shock as Chioma sped out of my compound crying.

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    Episode 19

    The alcohol in my system vanished like a fast volatile substance living nothing but a strangely sobber and bemused man.

    I fixed my gaze on Chioma’s figure as she ran through the thick twilight grey that covered the atmosphere now heading towards my gate.

    My head was totally damp and to think was impossible, My legs felt like it was nailed to the spot making it impossible to shift.

    I wanted to run after her but somehow i couldn’t, my wits and reflexes were as if they were shut down temporarily.

    Someone zoomed pass me, the high heel shoes she was wearing giving the ground a musical pounding as she ran after Chioma’s resigning figure.

    Licia’s yelling voice kept resounding into my mind, as she kept calling after chioma who didn’t even turn back.

    I managed to drag my frame the much i can towards the gate, my woozy head threatening to rip open, wobbling legs on the verge of giving in under me.

    Chioma sped on without looking back, every step she takes left a matching thump effect on me.




    Escaped from licia’s mouth buttered into a bag full of hissing sounds as she kept chasing chioma down gaining more ground.

    Okon my newly hired gate man, a small stout very black man, with a funny facial look and an off coloured goatee stood beside the gate. I had hired him from the recommendation of Effiong, papa’s gate man and i clearly see the similarities between both.

    Their smallish body hogging a whole lot of humour in one small package.

    “Maram rem deh call you” he said as Chioma got to the gate.

    “Open this gate” She yelled pulling him by his shirt collar, yanking his smallish frame like Big show would yank at a smallish figure like Ray mysterio in a WWE wrestling bout.

    “Maram, mbok uka rem deh kol u” His thick calabar assent showing him off to be a fresh fish out of the river.

    “Chioma please listen to me” Licia intoned on getting to the spot, holding Chioma by the shoulder.

    I don’t why it didn’t come as a surprise, A slapping sound thundered through the air.

    “Get your hands off of me!!!” Chioma yelled sending Licia backwards with a thunderous slap.

    Licia clutched her cheek in her hands gazing at Chioma with a widened eyes.

    “What is wrong with you?” I yelled at Chioma, my body was quaking, nerves were restless and my eyes threatened to shut and blank out any moment.

    “Are you out of your mind!!!” my voiced wreaked sending okon on a task of hugging the wall tightly even when i was not referring to him.

    “Sky, you are asking me what is wrong with me, what sort of a man are you!!!”

    I have never heard Chioma talk in this pitch before and the free flowing streams of tears running down her face made her all the more fierce.

    “You come back here clutching another woman God knows were you picked her up from, probably a prostitute and you are asking what’s wrong with me?”

    I noticed Licia’s face twitched and her eyes went dim while Chioma’s voice rented the air in an uncontrollable tempo.

    “I should have known you were still the same, this was exactly the same thing you did with Cynthia. You are a cheat sky, a big cheat and a he- goat”

    My mind was taken aback to the Cynthia’s saga 5years ago.

    Cynthia as i am told got pregnant a year after i was sent to U.k.

    She was denied by the young engineering student that got her pregnant.

    She now stays in the united states as a single mom.

    “Chioma would you at least listen to me?” My voice was strangely calm and hands making to get hold of her.

    “Leave me alone you cheat, don’t touch me” She blurted out pushing me as hard as she could muster.

    “You are the worst mist…………”

    “Hey hey hold it there” Licia’s voice barged in without announcement cutting Chioma’s long rebuking sermon half way.

    Chioma’s eyes widened a bit and her mouth fell open as she fixed a surprised gaze at licia whose dimmed eyes now sparkled in an untold fury.

    “You don’t even know what you have until you loose it, you can’t even give your man a chance to explain himself” Her hands were waving at Chioma as she spilled an unheard yarn.

    “Yes i am a prostitute and i don’t deny that” I could see Chioma’s intense look as the word ‘prostitute’ registered into her mind coming out from Licia’s mouth.

    “He could not even bring himself to cheat on you even when he is drunk, what you have here is a broken man. Broken by your inability to show restraint when it is needed, broken by the fact that you made his already troubled life even more troubled than it should have been”

    “You were supposed to be there for him, to know your man but you compounded his problems”

    Chioma’s face now wore a relatively calm and quiet look and licia’s face got all the more twisted and mean.

    She took a couple of steps towards Chioma, looking into her face.

    “If anything happens to him, Just know that you caused it”. The seriousness in her voice was unmatched, the contempt out of the world.

    Everything was spinning faster before me, my wits have dissolved in an instant and my legs could give in any moment.

    Chioma was transfixed in her position, interchangeably looking at me and Licia, a strange calmness was at work but yet traces of anger could still be noticed.

    The voices were banging hard into my ears.

    Amanda’s chuckle and giggling taunts echoed in.

    “Young man, i am highly disappointed in you” In Chioma’s father’s voice.

    “Sky this is haimdal’s pills” Jessy’s voice was next to echo in my head.

    “I only came here to give you these” this was Chioma’s voice accompanied by a resounding jingling sound of a ring and key crashing down into the ground.

    “I have been waiting for you, and i have a surprise for you” Amanda’s clear tone voiced in smeared with a cracking bout of chuckle.

    Ryan’s innocent and hearty laugh,

    ” the child’s deoxyribonucleic acid strand is matches yours more” the doctor’s voice crept in inducing a piercing sharp pain in my head.

    My head was numb and i could feel sweat rushing down my face in quick successions, the flashes were constant and over whelming.

    “Uka!!!” Okon’s voice yelled.

    Complimented by a shrieking yell of my name from Chioma and licia.


    Nothing else happened, everything was suddenly blank and dark.

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    Episode 20

    “Sky who is this?” That was the very first hello i got from Jessy on drifting back to consciousness.

    She nudged her head towards licia’s direction to make me understand who she was talking about without her noticing.

    Chioma was seating beside me at the right flank clutching my right hand in both her hands. the sagging eye bags and swollen face clearly showed she had being crying.

    “Oh Jessy, she’s just a very good friend of mine i met somewhere” Jessy’s face twitched betraying the suspicion that she still harbored but she masked it with a smile, of course that was meant for chioma she could never mask her emotion from me even with a smile.

    Jessy did some medical magics as usual, restoring my full consciousness, my blurry vision, the throbbing headache and severe wooziness all vanished.

    “Sky you had a severe case of stress coupled with depression and taking alcohol didn’t help at all. your body couldn’t take it anymore and it gave way, please sky don’t take alcohol again in such situation” it ranged like a warning and a command at the same time. but the little pinch of fear made it clear she was serious.

    “Baby please am very sorry, forgive me” Chioma sang out bursting into another round of uncontrollable tears.

    From the sign licia gave me from the opposite sofa where she sat, it was clear she had talked to chioma and told her everything while i was out.

    “Please sky am so sorry forgive me” She made to kneel down, i held her in my arms and dragged her up in one fluid movement.

    Here before me i could see my future, the ground from whence my little seed germinated waiting to say “hello” to a crazy world with a crazy short time.

    My gaze moved from Jessy who was almost crying too, to licia who stood with a pouty smile on.

    I gave licia a hard wink, and she handed me over the ring she took while taking the car keys from me.

    The curtains around the house lay still as if they understood the anxiety that hugged the atmosphere.

    Only the buzzing sound of the air conditioner defiled all bid for quietness as it went on singing its own cold buzzing song.

    I went down on both my knees again, my gaze fixed on the ring in my hand, it tilted up to Chioma who was mopped on tears still streaming down her face in fast successions.

    “Life they say is full of raging tides” I began, “but a wise lady once told me” my face tilted to give Licia an appreciative smile.

    “That what makes a successful life is riding with the tides” Chioma’s face grew reddish pale, her hands covered her mouth but they tears persisted.

    “I humbly and sincerely ask again, Miss Chioma Ugwu, will you marry me?”

    My voice was shaky and a gulp of throaty air made it sound croaky.

    Chioma’s face went from weeping to a mixture of crying and laughing.

    She looks at Jessy and Licia this time, falls down on her knees too and threw her hands around me with a hard quick reflex.

    “Yes sky, yes i will marry you” she blurted out the tears now streaming down harder than before but yet she was laughing hard.

    **Na like so them deh take confuse us finish, which one you deh do abeg??**

    I slipped the ring into her finger for the second time, this time i have a feeling it will never slip out.

    Our lips met in a very explosive kiss, it was a combination of all the kisses we didnt have through out the troubling times. A huge chunk of passion smeared in a rush of intense affection.

    Chioma got up and rushed into Licia’s arms, clasping her tight in embrace.

    Their are times when people you least expects comes into your life and makes it better, mine was fixed not by papa or Jessy, but a call girl who would imagine that.

    “Thank you and am sorry” Chioma whispered to licia but yet it was audible enough for Jessy and i to hear.

    “Who is there? Jessy yelled at the door as a knock sipped in.

    The whole scenario was changed again as a figure of Amanda walked into the sitting room with Jessy.

    She had Ryan in her arms and his back pack in another.

    The way she walked in, one would not help to think her steps were intentionally gentle and slow.

    She was clad in a pink flowery tight leggings and a white top to go with complimented by a pink high heeled shows.

    Her face was dragged to an expression of surprise and contempt immediately she stepped in and Chioma was standing there.

    Chioma even clasped her hands around me immediately she entered. She shrugged and rolled her eyes slightly.

    The atmosphere went stale all of sudden, it was like everyone held their breathe except Jessy’s whose heavy breathing could be mistaken for a raging waterfall.

    “What is it Amanda” I asked, the black mascara line bordering her eyes gave her a sinister look before me.

    “Is that a way to address the mother of your child, your son?” She returned looking at me squarely on the face then Chioma, she widened her eyes as she took her gaze down to Chioma’s stomach which still seemed as flat as a concrete wall to me.

    “Please i am not in the mood for this, say what you want and get out as you can see am busy”.

    The little chuckle she gave out made licia turn in her current seating position as she watched on possibly trying to add the pieces together the much she could.

    “Your son have been disturbing to visit you” She intoned giving Ryan a gentle nudge as she stressed the word ‘son’ a little exaggeratedly.

    “I can see you have a full house” she was now looking at licia who returned her gaze squarely.

    “So i have to leave him here, cus i need to go somewhere now”

    She nudged Ryan gently and he gently ran to me clasping his tiny small hands around my legs.

    “Be a good boy” She intoned, not so sure if that was meant for me or Ryan, she dropped his back park and then cat walked out in a rehearsed manner.

    Jessy carried Ryan off to play with him immediately the door closed behind Amanda.

    I slumped back on my chair, my hands on my face and a loud sigh.

    “Baby don’t worry, everything will be well” Chioma said throwing her hands around me, but i could see an unsaid worry written all over her face.


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